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For Your Money by Daniel Merriweather

Album: Love and WarReleased: 2009
  • Love and War is the second studio album (but debut release) by the Australian R&B singer Daniel Merriweather.
  • Merriweather told The Independent April 24, 2009 that this examination of inner-city strife, is "really about me moving to New York and trying to survive."
  • Merriweather told We7 that he wrote this song, "with a good friend of mine, Andrew Wyatt, and Sean Lennon plays a guitar solo."
  • Merriweather expanded on this track to We7: "The song is about the dark cloud of discontent that hangs over all of us living in the post-colonial west, and re-prioritizing the value of possession in an age of 'golden calf worship.'"
  • Merriweather told the Daily Mail June 12, 2009 regarding Sean Lennon's guitar solo: "He thickened up the guitar sound by recording his entire solo twice. Sean really nailed it."
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