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I Ain't Worried by Rancid

Album: Let the Dominoes FallReleased: 2009
  • Rancid Frontman Tim Armstrong (From the band's MySpace site): "Don't give a f--k what people say. Trust your gut and never give up, the rest comes naturally."
  • Guitarist Lars Frederiksen said: "I think the chorus says it all. In the vain of Linton Kwesi Johnson, just sped up some."
  • Bassist Matt Freeman: "This is one of those songs that the minute I wrote the bass line I regretted it. Just because of how hard it is to play well consistently. Its super fast, 16th notes, and all down strokes. It's the Dee Dee Ramone technique. People always underestimated how hard his style was to play until they would try to do it. Don't underestimate Dee Dee."
  • Drummer Branden Steineckert: "Another on with each person taking a verse. This time Tim takes the first verse, Lars the second and Matt the third. I took a different approach to the drums on this one, somewhat inspired by Dave Mellows drums on Operation Ivy's Unity. Again this one felt like a nice rhythm heavy track so it gave me space to throw in some tricks." (Operation Ivy was an influential late 1980s punk band, whose members included Armstrong and Freeman).
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