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Throw It In the Bag



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This was the first single to be released from Brooklyn born rapper Fabulous' fifth studio album, Loso's Way. It was not initially earmarked to be the lead song, but after it leaked on the net, Fabolous changed his mind because of the positive response he got from fans on Twitter.
This song features and was co-written by the American singer-songwriter and producer, The-Dream.
Fabolous referred to this song in an interview with MTV News as being "'Whatever You Like' on steroids."
In a separate interview with MTV News, Fabolous explained that it's, "another fun record from Fab that has some energy. You can move to it. The girls are gonna like the message to it. Just go out there and not pay attention to what a price tag says: 'Just throw it in the bag.' It's a little motivation for people to go shopping and have some fun with it, too, in the recession."
The song's music video, which was filmed in Lower Manhattan, features model Claudia Jordan as a thief stealing from a department store. Fabolous explained to MTV News: "We got the beautiful Miss Claudia Jordan. You might have seen her on Deal or No Deal or Celebrity Apprentice or heard her on Jamie Foxx's Foxxhole radio show. We decided to have her in the video because she can walk the walk and talk the talk. We had her play as a thief, and she's going in there and throwing things in a bag. But I'm kinda feelin' her. I'm feeling her integrity, I'm feeling her style, I'm feeling her going out and taking what she wants. By the end of the video, I'm kinda looking past her being this big thief, and maybe next time she throws things in the bag is because I'm buying it for her."
The-Dream, Christina Milian, Irv Gotti, DJ Clue and Ryan Leslie all have cameos in the video.
Loso's Way is based on the 1993 Al Pacino film Carlito's Way. Fabolous was inspired to record the album after viewing the movie. This song doesn't fit in with the album's theme, however Fabolous explained to Billboard magazine that "it was so contagious and catchy that we just had to go for it."
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