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Daylight by Matt & Kim

Album: GrandReleased: 2009Charted:
  • Matt & Kim are an indie rock duo from Brooklyn, New York. This song became their first Hot 100 hit after featuring in a Bacardi television advertisement.
  • Matt Johnson explained the concept behind the song's video to RedFence: "It was similar to all of the really difficult situations we had when we first started. Like, we once played in this kitchen where my amp was on a couch; it was a mix of that, and loosely the video plays out like a day in our life, it's all this band, all the time for us. Happily, it's our life. [The video] hits a lot of those notes."
  • At the end of the video the duo end up in a dumpster. Johnson explained why to TwoThousand: "Kim had been wanting to do a film clip of us playing in really awkward spaces, you know like in a raft in a pool or something, but she's actually really claustrophobic and really hates getting water in her eyes, and the dumpster scene - we were told it was going to be a clean dumpster - but what the director meant by clean, was that they had taken all the garbage out of it - but it was still covered in the grime, this thick, thick grime stench. When we cut Kim literally flew out of the thing, without even touching the sides - I swear."
  • Jackson explained the album title to TwoThousand: "Well we live on Grand Street. People sort of thought we were giving ups to the album by calling it GRAND, you know, like it's so grand... but we didn't even think of it like that. It's so hard naming an album, almost as hard as naming a band and well, we couldn't even manage that - I mean our friends got so tired of us not having name when we started, we got billed as Matt & Kim and so that was that. So Grand was just a simple and natural name - when we're touring we're always talking about home, Grand Street. It just made sense."
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