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Therapy by All Time Low

Album: Nothing PersonalReleased: 2009
  • This waking-from-a-nightmare album closer was one of several tracks on Nothing Personal that signaled a new found maturity and depth for pop punk band All Time Low: Frontman Alex Gaskarth told MTV News: "It's nice to get away from the pop-punk niche we came up in... it's nice to try to broaden your horizons. To be honest, we wrote a lot of this album with that in mind It weighs on you when you see all these new bands start popping up and getting signed, because that's the nature of this terrible industry we're in. So, we definitely noticed that, and we definitely thought, 'What can we do this time around that isn't going to piss off our fans too much, but is going to set us apart from all these little kids that have deals and songs on MTV now?'"
  • Gaskarth told Teen.com TV that this is his favorite song on Nothing Personal, adding that it's "about every kid's nightmare when people are telling you that you need to get help but all you really want is a hug."
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Comments: 3

Just so everyone knows, Alex's name last is Gaskarth not Garskarth......Olivia - Boston, Ma
This song is so eye-opening. I love it with a passion, it makes me think about how precious life is, and how quickly it can be taken away. It really is a question of, "is tomorrow going to be too late?" it's a scary thought. :/ but this song is so well written, and so amazing.. it almost masks the pain hidden in the lyrics.Carli - Pemberville, Oh
I think the song Therapy is about Alex just finally breaking down about his brother and maybe some things in his past that have left a major effect on him and how he tried to keep smiling and moving forward but then it just caught up to him. Kind like a type of reality slapping you in the face. Maybe one day he relized he couldn't take it like he thought he could and that he was losing his inner strength, but wanted to hide it because everybody saw him as the funny/happy guy. Something like anxiety could of got to him and nobody could see that he actually did have alot of things running through his mind. If I ever meet him I want to thank him for helping me through with alot of stuff I've delt with in my life, he really inspires me to be strong and to live life to the fullest. :)Amy - Toronto Ont, On
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