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She's a Genius by Jet

Album: Shaka RockReleased: 2009
  • This was the first single taken from Australian rock band Jet's third studio album, Shaka Rock.
  • Drummer Chris Cester told Billboard magazine that this track is "about a girl who does things that just take it to the next level in your mind."
  • Jet debuted this song at a secret show in Melbourne on the 17th December 2008.
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Comments: 3

my sharona uses one note, with an octave of the same note.
this riff has 4 notes in it, E D G A
rhythm is similar though, except his voice is the definition of rock n roll
Dave - Gold Coast, Australia
That's because the riff is exactly the same as "My Sharona."Brian - Wilmington, De
Kinda reminds me of "My Sharona".Paul - Rothesay, Nb, Canada
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