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Crying Blood by V.V. Brown

Album: Travelling Like The LightReleased: 2008
  • This was the debut single of English singer-songwriter V.V. Brown. It had a limited release, so it didn't chart.
  • After spending a difficult couple of years in Los Angeles, singing backing vocals and dating an idiot, Brown decided that she had had enough of America and returned home to London. She left her useless American boyfriend behind and decided to start anew. She bought a one-stringed guitar from a second-hand shop, and rented a tiny attic in east London. Within half an hour, she had written this song about a relationship meltdown. Despite its lyrical woe, the melody is upbeat. Brown explained to Q magazine February 2009: "That was an accident, actually. I simply wanted to give the impression, musically, that I was over him. It's true he was terribly mean, but ultimately I'm an optimistic sort."
  • Brown told Mojo magazine February 2009: "The music is upbeat but the lyrics are sadistic. I love the way Stravinsky would use dissonance in traditional Russian music. That why I wanted to make pop music with a hidden death."
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