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Thy Word


Amy Grant

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This song was from American Christian singer-songwriter's 1984 album Straight Ahead, the first Christian set ever to chart on the Billboard pop chart.
Grant and Christian singer-songwriter Michael W Smith wrote this song. It is a worshipful hymn based on Psalm 119 v 105. The song was recorded at Caribou Ranch recording studio high in the Rocky Mountains.
Smith told CCM Magazine presents 100 Greatest Songs In Christian Music the story of the song. He recalled: "I had come up with the melody. I actually had some words too, straight from David's Psalms. Amy fell in love with it, but I had no idea what the verses were supposed to say, so I just gave it to her and told her she could write it. I think she struggled a few days with it. Now, at Caribou the nights get very, very dark, and one night Amy left the studio to go back to her cabin and got totally lost- and you don't want to get lost up there; there are bears and mountain lions around. So finally, she saw a lantern in a window and she just kept stumbling towards the light until she walked right up to it and saw it was her cabin. She went inside and just said, 'Wow,' and sat down right there and wrote the verses (including the line: 'Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path'). And the next day she was in the studio singing it."
Amy Grant
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Comments (2):

Mike, in this case you are wrong. Although Amy does many of Michael Card's songs, including El Shaddai, "Thy Word" is correctly attributed in the article to Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant. You will see their names accompanying the song in hymbooks and other publications.
- Rebekah, Monroe , NC
I could be wrong but I think Michael Card wrote this song.
- Mike, Norwalk, CT
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