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Girl With One Eye by Florence + the Machine

Album: LungsReleased: 2009
  • Florence + the Machine is the recording name of Florence Welch, an English singer-songwriter who specializes in songs with dark, gothic lyrical content, and her backing band. In this lo-fi punk number, Welch threatens to cut someone's heart out because they made her cry. She told The Independent June 27, 2009: "I've always been attracted to dark imagery. I used to believe in vampires and werewolves. I get night terrors, panic attacks. Even as a kid, I'd be more inclined to write about a flower dying than blossoming."
  • This is one of several songs on Lungs dealing with violence and death. Welch told The New Musical Express January 10, 2009: "Well, what other subject is there? I remember realising that my parents were going to die and weeping. Weeping as if my father had actually died."
  • Welch explained on her website how she came to record this song: "It wasn't written by me. I started hanging out with a punk band called The Ludes and they used to play this song live, but never recorded it. Something about it really touched me, and I used to sing it with them, onstage. Then when they stopped playing it, I started playing it in my sets. I'm really happy it's on this album – it's a nice connection with that part of my life. In my teens that band totally inspired me. They were the reason why I started writing songs – and probably why I started writing such dark songs."
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Wow, never heard this be4ore. Wicked song.Duane Morse - New York
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