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Florence + the Machine

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Florence + the Machine is the recording name of Florence Welch, an English singer-songwriter who specializes in songs with dark, gothic lyrical content, and her backing band. In this lo-fi punk number, Welch threatens to cut someone's heart out because they made her cry. She told The Independent June 27, 2009: "I've always been attracted to dark imagery. I used to believe in vampires and werewolves. I get night terrors, panic attacks. Even as a kid, I'd be more inclined to write about a flower dying than blossoming."
This is one of several songs on Lungs dealing with violence and death. Welch told The New Musical Express January 10, 2009: "Well, what other subject is there? I remember realising that my parents were going to die and weeping. Weeping as if my father had actually died."
Welch explained on her website how she came to record this song: "It wasn't written by me. I started hanging out with a punk band called The Ludes and they used to play this song live, but never recorded it. Something about it really touched me, and I used to sing it with them, onstage. Then when they stopped playing it, I started playing it in my sets. I'm really happy it's on this album – it's a nice connection with that part of my life. In my teens that band totally inspired me. They were the reason why I started writing songs – and probably why I started writing such dark songs."
Florence + the Machine
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