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Into Dust by Mazzy Star

Album: So Tonight That I Might SeeReleased: 1993Charted:
  • Written by lead singer Hope Sandoval and producer/instrumentalist David Roback, this song about losing yourself in someone else was a track on American alternative rock band Mazzy Star's second album, So Tonight That I Might See. The set also features Mazzy Star's best known track, their transatlantic Top 50 hit "Fade Into You."
  • Hope Sandoval doesn't say much about her lyrics, but at the time, she was linked to William Reid, guitarist of the Jesus and Mary Chain. He later told Goldmine: "I was in love with Hope, but it was the unhappiest time in my life."
  • According to Sandoval, she didn't even write down the lyrics. When David Roback started playing the guitar part, she came up with the words and they recorded the song right away. It was later augmented with strings.
  • The song was featured in a 2009 TV advertising campaign for Virgin Media in the UK. This generated enough interest in the track for it to become Mazzy Star's first entry in the British Top 75 since "Flowers in December" charted in November 1996.
  • This song has featured three times in the American teen drama series The OC, most prominently when it was the outro song in the episode where Marissa overdoses in Mexico. The tune also featured in the House third season episode, Informed Consent.
  • The song entered the UK top 50 for the first time in September 2011 after featuring in promotional ads for the video game Gears of War 3.
  • The Red Hot Chili Peppers referenced this song in their 1995 song "Aeroplane":

    I'm turning into dust again
    My melancholy baby
    The star of mazzy must
    Push her voice inside of me
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Comments: 2

Not to mention it provides the backdrop for the first get-together of the protagonists in the great girls-coming-of-age movie "Foxfire," in which "Legs" (a young Angelina Jolie) tattoos first herself, then the other girls, to celebrate their triumph over the skeezoid teacher who had molested two of them.
One of the most powerful & haunting scenes ever -- and made more so by this track.
Smartalek - Boston, Ma
Today is September 20th 2011, and i heard this song for the first time last night on an advert for 'Gears of war' and i can honestly say it is one of the most beautiful, haunting tracks i have ever heard.Marie - Durham, United Kingdom
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