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Blitzkrieg by Metallica

Album: Kill 'em All (bonus track)Released: 1984
  • Occasionally, a band will name a song after themselves: Black Sabbath, Bad Company and Wilco have all done it. Very rare, however, is for another band to cover that song, but that's what happened here when Metallica recorded this track originally done by the British Metal band Blitzkrieg in 1981.
  • This is a song of war, destruction and Armageddon, from the point of view of the innocent civilians. It questions how mankind can survive. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Aaron - Seattle, WA
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Comments: 2

This song has often been mistakenly attributed to Diamond Head, due to a mislabeled recording which made its way over the interweb in the 1990s.Willie - Scottsdale, Az
this is really funny if you turn the volume up at the very end and just listen to what the microphone picks up trust me you will laughMolly - Allegan, Mi
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