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I Ain't Done Wrong by The Yardbirds

Album: For Your LoveReleased: 1965
  • This was recorded from one of Jeff Beck's earliest sessions with the group. The song begins as a stop-start Blues number featuring Beck's guitar and Keith Relf's harmonica. In the middle, the song turns into a rave-up, a style for which the Yardbirds are known. It concludes by returning to the Blues.
  • Keith Relf, who was the group's lead singer and harmonica player, wrote this song.
  • This was one of only three songs Jeff Beck played on to appear on the 1965 album For Your Love. Even though the majority of songs featured Clapton on guitar, Beck was the one pictured on the cover with the rest of the group.
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Comments: 5

Read what Kevin from L.A. wrote. The Yardbirds version is just a cover of "I Must Have Done Somebody Wrong" by Elmore James. They just changed the words a little,and the music as well. I like it. Have been a big fan of The Yardbirds since my teens. I have just about all of their material. I've lost some through the years. Listen to the Allman Brothers Band do this on the "Live At Fillmore East" album. They actually do a better job.Wayne - Salem, Va
While it's credited to Keith it's actually a cover of an Elmore James song.Kevin - Los Angeles, Ca
Although "The New Yardbirds" did become Led Zeppelin...Roy - Granbania, Ma
This song is a great example of great Blues Rock of the mid-60's. The Yardbirds were just purely a great band. Too bad they didn't stick together longer.Roy - Granbania, Ma
this band is better than every bandJames - Toronto, Canada
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