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Time To Let Me Go by Gloriana

Album: GlorianaReleased: 2009
  • Gloriana is an American country music group comprising brothers Tom and Mike Gossin, Rachel Reintert and former America's Most Talented Kid winner, Cheyenne Kimball. Their self-titled debut album was produced and co-written by Mike Serletic, the owner of Emblem Music Group.
  • This was the first song written by the Gossin brothers and Reintert and it helped get Gloriana a recording contract with Emblem. Tom Gossin explained to The 9513: "I had met Matt (Serletic) a couple of years prior to that with my brother through a manager we had at the time. This was maybe 2004 or 2005. And Matt had said that if we did anything cool in the future he'd check it out. So we wrote that song and felt it was really strong, and I said, 'Let's send it to that Matt guy and see if he's into this.' It just so happened he was looking for a country act and an act to launch his new label. So it worked out. The timing was perfect. You know, when they say a lot of the record business is luck and timing, that was one of those instances where we just happened to get to him at the exact right time. And it all worked out."
  • Kimball described this song to Today's Country Magazine as having, "a Johnny Cash feel to it with the upright bass, traditional country."
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