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Bad Boys


Alexandra Burke

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This was 2008 X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke's second single and her first release from her debut album.
The electro-R&B tune features American rapper Flo Rida.
The song was debuted on Chris Moyles' BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show on the 25th August 2009, which happened to be Burke's 21st birthday.
The American hip hop producers Phantom Boyz helmed the song. Among their previous credits was co-producing Korean pop singer BOA's "I Did It For Love."
Larry Summerville Jr, Busbee, Lauren Evans and Alexander James penned the song, which is about Burke's propensity for fancying dangerous men.
A number of reviewers compared Burke's vocal performance on this song to Donna Summer. Co-incidentally, one of The Queen of Disco's biggest hits was "Bad Girls."
Burke told The Sun October 9, 2009 that she's only too familiar with the topic of this song. She said: "I've only ever had two serious relationships and they were both bad boys. I think every girl gets drawn to bad boys at a young age. I was 16 when I had my first relationship. It lasted about two years. Then I dated another guy for six months last year. But he was a bit of a nutcase. I let him go just before X Factor went live. He was very insecure and I have no time for that. There's been no one since."
Burke told about the vibe of the song: "The thing with this song is that everyone my age tends to go for bad boys. We just don't want to admit it! We don't want to look like a fool when they break our hearts. We have to kiss a lot of frogs before we meet our Prince Charming. I've definitely gone through it and I want to be the first one to admit it! It's a reflection of my personality."
The phrase "bad boy," referring to a man who disregards the rules and causes trouble, was first recorded in the title of the composer George Antheil's book, Bad Boy of Music.
Another song with a similar theme is Larry Williams 1959 song "Bad Boy," which was later covered by the Beatles. Other "bad boy" songs include a 1983 hit by Wham! and 1987 hit by Inner Circle, both sharing the same title as this song.
Alexandra Burke
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