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No Matter What by Badfinger

Album: No DiceReleased: 1970Charted:
  • Badfinger was signed to The Beatles label, Apple Records. Peter Ham used one of George Harrison's Gibson guitars on this. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Mike - Kansas City, KS
  • Many people thought this was The Beatles when they heard it. Badfinger was one of the first groups signed to The Beatles record label, Apple Records.
  • In 2001, The Gap wanted to use this in a commercial. Apple Records, which owns the rights to it, asked for an enormous sum of money and were turned down.
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Comments: 36

Some of the lyrics are wrong. My band does this song, and I sing it. It's "Knock down the old gray wall" (not "brick wall") both times they sing that line, and when they sing the chorus for the last time it switches from "Doesn't matter what you do girl, oh girl with you" to "Oh girl, you girl, want you - Oh girl, you girl, want you." One of my favorite songs to sing.Patti - Michigan
I believe that everyone agrees with you Thomas-Orlando. It has McCartney's signature on top, bottom, and in between. Anyone with a set of ears can hear it. So if Peter Ham was holding the pen and McCartney was standing along side, then who wrote it. We'll never know for sure and if contracts and copy-writes are out there it will never be disclosed. We should also know that the members of Badfinger were there in the background all along in the studio as side musicians while the Beatles were recording and went on to be part of individual projects with McCartney, Harrison, Lennon. So, how much more Beatles can you get. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the song No Matter What was written (if not heavily influenced by McCartney).Robert Rand - Deerfield Beach Fl .usa
Well....it is a Beatles song...but not. McCartney shared a 6th floor flat of a row house in Liverpool with Peter. Originally released as a B side of a single also written by McCartney, No Matter What was re-recorded in Apple Studios, when Peter/Ham Badfinger was signed on by McCartney. Badfiner was then one of Brian Epsteins groups. McCartney and Lennon were in the studio helping them record the track No Matter What....you were wondering why it sounded like the Beatles....eh mate? The Beatles wrote some 22 tracks for other groups including the Rolling Stones. I would be willing to bet that McCartneys and Lennons voices are on some of the backup vocal tracks on that cut.Robert Rand - Deerfield Beach Fl .usa
As long as I live, I will always believe that No Matter What was composed by Paul McCartney. Only McCartney could have written that song.Thomas - Orlando
Hi lisa from antioch, ca... I'm also a Lisa from Antioch, Ca and when I read your comment I had to think hard whether I'd entered it...but I don't think I was aware of the Hall of Fame issue. I love this song and Baby Blue, they've always been in my top 10 and Badfinger is sooo pitifully underated... I'll get right on signing that petition!Lisa - Antioch, Ca
Recorded April 1970.
Producer was Mal Evans.
Curtis - Woodbridge, Va
Thanks, Rick from Maine. Must listened to the album No Dice tonight (actually like their Love Me Do better than the Beatles'). In answer to some of the questions below, Rundgren did not produce this song, but some of the ones on the next album. Tom Evans had the high voice. And I was at the Concert for Bangla Desh, with Badfinger as the acoustic section with Pete playing accompaniest for George on Here Comes the Sun. Will never forget that night.Eric - San Francisco, Ca
I've always loved this song, its energy, its earnestness. Now, it has some pretty screwy lyrics ("If you would give me all, as I would give it to you,
Nothing would be, nothing would be, nothing would be"), and the lead break (1:48) just falls apart at the end. But, still a great song.
Dryattz - Atlanta, Ga
Ricardo.......if you look on youtube....there is a video of George doing Here Come the Sun at Bangladesh....with Pete Ham beside him on acoustic guitar....AWESOME !!!!!Jed - Fond Du Lac, Wi
Great Song. The lead guitar sounds like its played with a slide? But when you see the band performing it, Joey's not useing a slide.
And that Gibson SG that Pete Ham plays was giving to him by George Harrison.
George used that same Gibon SG on the song and video for "Paper Back Writer" and used In the Video and I'm sure the song "Hey Bulldog".
I met the Group in 1981. They played in a bar called "The Utopia" in bridgeport, Ct. I sat at the bar and had a drink with Tom Evans.
Wayne - New Haven, Ct
I like your comments Eric, from San Fran.....I played this 45 until the grooves were almost worn out, then gave it to a friend of mine when I was in 8th grade.....this song has passed "the test of time" and Rolling Stone Magazine NEEDS to rate this song and Baby blue... a LOT higher than they did.....Rick - Belfast, Me
Badfinger was my second favorite band...behind the Beatles, of course. This is a "perfect pop song": four piece band, 3 minutes, classic nice but simple lyrics about love and commitment, good harmony, short guitar solo. The song was produced by Mal Evans, long-time Beatles hand. Todd Rundgren produced some of the songs on their classic next album, Straight Up, with Harrison producing the others. Tom Evans did the high harmonies. You should try to find the DVD/book
Without You: The Tragic Story of Badfinger. Tells about their history and all of their songs.
Eric - San Francisco, Ca
Absolutely the most underrated and tragic band of all time...I was one who thought for years No Matter was the Beatles. No Matter and Baby Blue have been some of my very favorites since the early 70's. What a loss to the world that their music-making was cut short and so tragically. I can't think of any band not yet in the Hall of Fame that deserves that recognition more than Badfinger. They recieved little of what they deserved then, so the Hall of Fame shoulda been in a hurry to try to give that respect in the only way now possible..posthumonously for some of its members.I just do not understand why they are not there already!! There is a petition to request their induction online..please sign!!!Lisa - Antioch, Ca
This song was produced by Todd Rundgren.Jj - Washington, Dc
My #1 favorite Badfinger song!Jj - Washington, Dc
Was this the single that was produced by Todd Rundgen?...can anyone tell me?Frank - Granchester Meadows, Greenland
Who had the higher voice between Joey and Tom ?Rauliy - Lomg Island, Ny
I knew Pete and also know an alternate guitar player for the band ,,,, Al WadkeTy - Conway, Sc
I knew Pete and also know an alternate guitar player for the band ,,,, Al WadkeTy - Conway, Sc
Badfinger debuted this song on an English pop-music show called "The Old Grey Whistle Test". After the broadcast it became an immediate UK hit, and then soon became a top 10 US hit.Ken - Louisville, Ky
Catchy and amazing song.Lemicro - New York City, Ny
MY lead Guitar player in our band join Bad Finger in 1980 .. The Drummer was the only org member at the time..Phil - Warren , Mi
I remember Badfinger's first release when then were called the "Iveys" It was a great heartbroken love ballad called "Maybe Tomorrow". Lots of orchestration, very Beatlesque. It was on Apple. I still have the 45.Chet - Buffalo, Ny
John in Australia, I don't know about Jet, but I know The Apples In Stereo are big fans of Badfinger. When asked by the metal band in the next practice space over what they sounded like, Robert said Badfinger and was both amused and dismayed when they didn't know who that was!Fyodor - Denver, Co
Badfinger played with George Harrison in Concert for Bangladesh 1971, they didn´t any performance of it, but the group deserve more repect than the music business give to them, I´m not talking about money, I´m talking about respect. They are great!!!Ricardo - Mexico, Mexico
I LOVE IT! hahah probably because it involves my Georgie!!Sylvia - London, England
One of the best rock and roll songs of all time. It keeps the memory of Badfinger alive.Howard - St. Louis Park, Mn
A hair band called Lillian Axe covered this song in the early 90's. Very good version too.Heather - Holbrook, Ny
Badfinger as a band, was far better than they received at the hands of the music industry. It's amazing any of their music survived the combination of management and record contract problems that dogged them for most of their career. Also on "No Dice" with "No Matter What" is the love song "Without You" written by Peter Ham. Never did much for Badfinger but Harry Nilsson's cover was a monster hit.Keith - Gtreat Bend, Sc
Scott, Paul wrote Come and Get It. So you're saying you'd rather listen to a song he wrote rather than listen to songs he wrote?Sam - West Covina, Ca
The first great power-pop song. Is this where, perhaps, the fashion for mining past sounds and giving them a contemporary twist, started, way back in late 1970?!?! I wonder if bands as recent as Jet have Badfinger, Big Star or Raspberries albums tucked away deep within their music libraries(or, these days more like iPods?) Anyway, it's a great tune, excuse the pun, no matter what...John - Fremantle, Australia
BAdfinger had paul mccartney written all over it.
I hate to say, it, but I think Badfinger was better than pauls post beatle solo work...i'd
take "Baby blue", "day after day", even "come
and get it over anything paul did post beatles
excepting the venus and mars album...short of
the great venus and mars album, pauls work is
virtually unlistenable....badfinger seemed to take and run with paul's pure pop mojo, as he went on to make very poor records......
Scott - Chicago, Il
This was used in the movie "Now and Then".Jammie - Deckerville, Mi
The British Band Def Leppard is now releasing a cover of this song on their upcoming "Rock Of Ages - The Definitive Collection" double CD of their greatest hits to be released May 17th, 2005. No Matter What will be the new single for them on the second album in the set. Rock On!!Richard - Melbourne, Fl
The song was also used in the Alec Baldwin film "Outside Providence"Jed - Somerset. Uk, England
This song was used in the show Will & Grace (my fav show!) in a special clip segment towards the beginning when they were starting to roll the clips. I definitely thought it sounded like The Beatles. What a simple but amazing song :-).Audrey - La, Ca
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