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Pink Soup by Vodka Collins

Album: Pink SoupReleased: 1997
  • Vodka Collins was an innovative Japanese band with an American lead singer: Alan Merrill. They introduced Glam Rock to Japan with their 1973 album Tokyo - New York, but broke up the next year when Merrill left for England and formed The Arrows. The band reunited in the late-'90s.
  • Merrill wrote the band's songs. He told us about this one: "'Pink Soup' was about cunnilingus. 'Pink Soup' was like tongue-in-cheek (sic) in other areas, about giving head, basically. The middle is, 'I'm a true connoisseur, I'm a gourmand for the stuff, I can never get enough. I always eat a lot, so keep it coming hot, I must salute the chef, I'll eat 'til nothing's left.' (laughing) I have fun with it, and I hope that translates to the listener as light hearted and not too perverse." (Check out our interview with Alan Merrill.)
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