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Doctor Doctor by Just Jack

Album: All Night CinemaReleased: 2009
  • This was intended to be the second single from English electronic artist Just Jack (real name Jack Allsopp)'s third studio album All Night Cinema. However after it only got minor airplay on the radio, it was replaced by "The Day I Died."
  • Allsopp explained this song to Digital Spy: "It's about a character who works in a shop and is obsessed with his boss, who's a pretty sexy woman. She's kind of ignoring him, and the more she does that the more his obsession turns nasty. The song's really about not fitting in, which is something a lot of people struggle with - they distance themselves from reality through technology. It's quite weird and dark!"
  • The song's protagonist is one of a number of characters on All Night Cinema who take the wrong choices or suffer bad luck. Allsopp told The Independent August 28, 2009: "I am drawn to that. I'm reading a collection of short stories by Richard Yates [author of Revolutionary Road] and every one is heartbreaking, but feels true."
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