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Luke Bryan

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This song is the lead single of Country music artist Luke Bryan's second album, Doin' My Thing. In this song the narrator is wondering if the object of his affections really does love him.
Bryan co-wrote this track with Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley from the Country group Lady Antebellum. Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott provides backing vocals.
Bryan told AOL's The Boot about collaborating with Haywood and Kelley on this song: "We're great friends, and that was the first opportunity for us to write together, and I'm sure there will be many more in store. It was a blast to be a part of something special with those guys. They're great guys and a great act. I had worked on the idea a little bit and it was in the stars that it all came together so well. Those guys have a lot of great writing instincts, and it all made for a great experience."
Bryan added to The Boot that he has received plenty of feedback from couples who have been helped in their relationships by this song. "Somewhere, somebody's riding down the road with their wife or their husband listening to this song and they cut it off and they go, 'Are we there?' My wife's even done it to me," said Bryan. "And that's the beauty of the song. When you are blessed to write a great song that touches on people's emotions, that's what it's all about... you want your music to stir people inside. And we knew we really had something special when some of the first stations that were playing it were calling us back, going, 'We've got a lot of people calling in saying this song is really helping them a lot.' So, that's just one of those added bonuses to a song when you write it."
Luke Bryan
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Comments (1):

Wow! This song is amazing! Luke Bryan has a beautiful voice
- Ashley, Moravia, NY
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