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Still Unbroken


Lynyrd Skynyrd

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This is the first single from Southern Rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd's twelfth studio album, Gods & Guns. It was their first release since 2003's Vicious Cycle.
The band has experienced several tragedies, most notably the loss of several members in a 1977 plane crash. This song was written after the death of original bassist Leon Wilkeson in 2001. Gary Rossington (guitar) told AntiMUSIC about the track: "It's kind of about us and me, and what we've been through and done. Anybody can relate to it that's been through a lot and had a life go on. A lot of stuff happens."
Johnny Van Zant (vocals) added: "We wrote that before Vicious Circle. Gary always keeps a cassette of stuff, he brought it in while we were in the studio, said 'ya'll need to listen to this, man; we can do something with this.'"
Rickey Medlocke (guitar) concluded: "That song actually was written quite a few years ago, right after Leon passed away. What ended up happening was we listened to the song again and it was so appropriate for us today."
This was the official Theme Song of the WWE Breaking Point Pay-Per-View event on September 13th 2009.
Though this song is a personal anthem about overcoming adversity, Rossington feels it strikes a universal chord. He told Billboard magazine: "Huey Thomasson (of The Outlaws) wrote that song with us-me, Johnny and Rickey - and he passed away a couple of years ago, so that shows you how long we were writing for this album. That is kind of our story, but you can find a lot of people in life that are still unbroken. You go through stuff and you keep going."
Lynyrd Skynyrd
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Comments (2):

This is a good song but i just dont like how the new skynyrd kept the lynyrd skynyrd name when the plane crash happened they should have just changed the band name cause its hard to listen to a new song and not find myself comparing it to ronnies sound...its kinda there tryin to be something there not...i think its good that there keepin the old songs alive but just not the same as the real skynyrd...i think the Vicious cylce album was the best new album....but this God and Guns is a more personal album but its got that metal sound that i dont like....but everybody has there opinions and thats mine.....
- Nuthin Fancy, cleveland, OH
I absolutely LOVE this song. Every word is my life story. Thank you Skynyrd, you've done it again.
- Melissa, Boise, ID
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