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Free Me by Joss Stone

Album: Colour Me FreeReleased: 2009
  • This is the first single from English R&B singer–songwriter Joss Stone's fourth studio album, Colour Me Free.
  • Stone told the German Radio Bonn that this "is about being free in every sense, especially in music senses."
  • Stone explained that she, "woke up one morning and wanted to make an album. It's very, very raw - basically a bunch of musicians, writers, and myself just jamming." Stone, who has previously been critical of her record label added that she did not rush the recording process: "The album was not dictated or forced. It was an organic process where each musician was given the freedom to create their sound. It's an honest and accurate representation of where I am as an artist and person right now."
  • Colour Me Free was written and recorded at Mama Stones, a live music venue in Wellington, Somerset owned by her mother. She co-produced the album herself, along with producer/songwriters Jonathan Shorten and Conner Reeves, who also worked on Stone's 2004 sophomore album, Mind,Body & Soul.
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In the lyrics of the song Joss sings "Free me EMI." This refers to the legal battle with her record company EMI to release her from her record contract over creative differences (the least being the cover art for her latest album)James - Minneapolis, Mn
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