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Album: War Is The AnswerReleased: 2009
  • Producer Kevin Churko encouraged frontman and lyricist Ivan Moody to take a highly personal approach throughout the record, and in this song he's dealing with relationship issues. Guitarist Zoltan Bathory explained to Kerrang!, "It's mainly about relationships and how they always seem to go really badly for him. Sometimes it's hilarious because you'll see him and he'll be like, 'I'm seeing these four chicks right now, and I'm really into three of them.'"
  • Zoltan Bathory told Metal Covenant in a 2013 interview that he felt the demo version sounded better than the one that ended up on the album. "It had some magic," he said. "We recorded the song, it was kind of a simple song. If it just had been one of the tracks on the album, it would have been okay, because it had its purpose. But it actually became a single and we all thought that this wasn't representing us, because when it became a single, too much focus was on it. It sent the wrong message. This is not what we sound like. It's way too soft and light for this band, but the label picked this one as a single. I think it's a little bit on the light side and not representative. And people who hear us for the first by that song possibly say we sound like Nickelback and I go 'We don't sound anything like Nickelback, but you've probably heard that one fu--ing song.'"
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Just walk away pretend none of this is real!make it easy on us both..listening to this on radio.com extreme rockJim - Hammond, In
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