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Waitin' for the Bus by ZZ Top

Album: Tres HombresReleased: 1973
  • An early ZZ Top track, this kicks off the album Tres Hombres. For years, radio stations played it along with the following track, "Jesus Just Left Chicago," keeping the natural segue on the album. This was an early casualty of automated corporate radio, as stations now rarely let one song flow into another like they do on the album.
  • In a 1985 interview with Spin magazine, ZZ Top bass player Dusty Hill said: "I've always liked that song. It's a working man's song. It's been a couple of years, but I went to Austin from Houston and I decided, hell, I'll ride the bus. I hadn't done it in a long time. And you can meet some very unique people on a bus and in a bus station. I like to people watch. I love bus stations and train stations. The thing about a bus is who you have to sit beside. If the guy's got good wine, it's OK."
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Comments: 2

First of all, Gibbons is the guitar tone master.
Second, let no man or woman separate what was so wonderfully joined by a fortunate screw up of a studio engineer many years ago. They were/are no longer two songs, but one.
Third, ZZ Top is one of only half dozen or so reasons why I keep enjoying life. That might sound sad to you, but to me it's not.
J - Lx, Portugal
when I hear the first few notes of this song...I can almost smell reefer burning....I guess its because I always smelled it at their concerts...gibbons was/is the tone master...when you hear his guitar...you know who is playing instantly....Jeff - Panama City , Fl
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