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Hurts So Good by John Mellencamp

Album: American FoolReleased: 1982Charted:
  • Mellencamp claims he wrote this song as "a goof." In a 1982 interview with The L.A. Herald Examiner, he explained: "My friend George said, why didn't I write a song with the title 'Hurt So Good'? We thought of it as like a Shel Silverstein thing. I wrote it in three minutes, scrawled the first line in soap on the glass door in the shower. It was really just a joke. I think all good things probably started as jokes. Wasn't God having a laugh when he made this whole place?"

    Mellencamp's friend was George Green, who received a composer credit on this song and went on to co-write many of Mellencamp's hits, including "Human Wheels," "Crumblin' Down" and "Rain On The Scarecrow."
  • When this was released, Mellencamp was still known as Johnny Cougar, the name his manager gave him. American Fool was the last album he released without the Mellencamp.
  • Mellencamp once owned a tattoo parlor. This led to many family members getting tattoos they wouldn't have otherwise asked for, like the "Hurts So Good" tattoo on his aunt.
  • Mellencamp won his first Grammy with this song: Best Male Rock Vocal Performance of 1982. In his acceptance speech he said, "I don't know what to say, I'm just an idiot."
  • This is a popular song among masochists. It is not truly about S&M, but probably as close as any popular song has gotten.
  • Mellencamp was in danger of being dropped by his record label if this album didn't sell, so he did his best to write some hit songs for it. The label, Mercury Records, didn't think it would sell but were proven very wrong.
  • Back when he was a rapper known as Marky Mark, Mark Wahlberg wanted to turn this into a rap song, but Mellencamp would not allow it.
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Comments: 13

Michael (from Seymour, Indiana) - I'm a big music "geek" :-) did your uncle write vocal melodies and play guitar too?
or you mean he wrote the lyrics to the song?
Roy - New York
On April 24th 1982, John Mellencamp performed "Hurts So Good" on the ABC-TV program 'American Bandstand'...
One week earlier on April 18th it entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #82; and on August 1st it peaked at #2 (for 4 weeks) and spent over a half-year on the Top 100 (28 weeks, and for 16 of those 28 weeks is was on the Top 10)...
And prior to its 4 weeks at #2, it had spent 4 straight weeks at the #3 position...
On June 13th it reached #1 (for 1 week) on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart...
The four weeks it was at #2 on the Top 100, the record at #1 for those four weeks was "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor...
Mr. Mellencamp will celebrate his 63rd birthday this coming October 7th.
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
Some people are truly born with the gift for writing music and lyrics and John Mellencamp has proven time and time again that he infact is one of those people!! If you go back look at all the old sleeves of the albums it will tell you who wrote what, and who was credited for what!! Stop all your stupid whining and prove this s--t that George Green got knocked off the list! Oh and guess what if it were actually so, then his name would have been on the credits but most of them he wasn't!! Oh and guess what else dumb asses! It's illegal for an artist to leave another writer out on the credits!!Ashley - Henderson, Ky
I also know George Green was the writer of this song because I am from Bloomington and I am dating George's grand daughter Kirstie. Her mom is Carrie Green and she talks of her father all the time I have yet to meet him but I would just to clear it up that George Green wrote i'm guessing at least 95% of the lyrics to this song and also several other of his top songs. Green is very undercredited and I wish Mellencamp wouldn't take FULL credit for writing this song as all he probably did was change a few words to it.David - Bloomington, In
how about a concert here in Manila, Philippines. I would love to see you. i love this man i have a number of his albums here and even memorize most of his songs... one night in a bar there was a band sang most of john's songs and i sang along with them. my husband knows how i love john's music.Ched - - La Union, Philippines
Mellencamp hated being called "Johnny Cougar".Ken - Louisville, Ky
If someone from a foreign, 3rd world country asked me to describe/define American Rock 'n' Roll music to them, I would give that person an early John Cougar/Mellencamp CD...'nuff said!Ed - Incognito, Il
Yeah, keep that story going pal. (Michael, Seymour, IN)Richie - Sedalia, Mo
I am from Mellencamp's hometown, and my uncle was the person who wrote that song... The "facts" about the title and where mellencamp wrote it are false... Mellencamp did not even write the song... George M. Green wrote it...Michael - Seymour, In
Mellancamp rocks!Julian - Anaheim, Ca
Mellencamp, from the sleve of his "The Best That I Could Do (1978-1988)" collection: "I literally dreamt up that song in the shower in my house in Bloomington and I was still dripping wet when I got dressed, walked out of my bedroom and said to my old song writing friend George Green, 'Hey! I just thought of a great chorus that goes "Sometimes love don't feel like it should. You make it hurt so good!"' In the time it took to dry off, we'd written the verses together and finished it."Brendon - Paxton, Il
John Mellancamp is and will be remembered as one of the best rockers...she won't!Laura - Hanover Twp., Pa
Hurts so good also a reggae song by Susan Cadogan, probably a lot better than John Mellancamp's tune!Phil - London, England
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