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They Might Be Giants

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John Flansburgh's estranged brother, who was born Earl Flansburgh but later became known as Paxus Calta, has stated that several of TMBG's older songs are about him, which John denies. However, John did admit that this song is, in fact, about his brother. (thanks, Beau - Phoenix, AZ)
This is the theme song to the TV show Malcolm In The Middle, and was recorded specifically for the show. A full-length version that runs about 3 minutes is on the soundtrack to the TV show.
Malcolm In The Middle uses other They Might Be Giants songs in the show from time to time. A running joke on the show was that Malcolm's dad likes terrible music from the '70s.
This won the 2001 Grammy for Best Song Written For a Motion Picture, Television, or Other Visual Media.
They Might Be Giants
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Comments (9):

They use another They Might Be Giants song in the first episode, when Malcom throws pudding on that bully. Best Pilot episode ever.
- Trey, Kalamazoo, MT
chelseaRae, the lyric is actually "at the stain on the wall where"
- Jinjiro, Rochester, NY
Actually, this song wasn't written specifically written for the show. The song had been written, and when John and John found out that they were looking for a theme song for it, they sent a copy of the song to Fox. Awesome band.
< 3 .
- Camille, Oz, WA
when it says "at the state on the wall where, the tv'd been...but ever since...we've moved in its been empty. why im.. why im in this room there is no point explaining" or whatever.. it sounds kinda like someone who is in an unhappy relationship... or something. just a thought.
- chelseaRae, islip terrace, NY
Now these guys rock and are most likely in the top 10 bands ever!
- mike, champaign, IL
This song reminds me of either really hot summer or freezing cold winter. I didn't realize this song and Malcolm in The Middle were five years old. I saw an episode once where they played the whole song, I think. Malcolm's dad does like terrible music from the 70s.
- Ashley, MOncton, Canada
Both the song and the show (Malcolm In The Middle)
are awesome.
- Taylor, Austin, TX
There was one time when Malcolm in the Middle ran with the extended version of this song. It ran with a music video in which a multitude of the two Johns were toys in a box that was tied to Dewey's bike.
- Porkbelly, Kingston, PA
one of the johns from the band said it was just a real bratty song he felt fit the show, or something like that.
- peter, fort worth, TX
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