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Did it Again by Shakira

Album: She WolfReleased: 2009Charted:
  • This is the second single from Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira's third English language studio album She Wolf in all territories apart from the US. A Spanish version of this song titled "Lo Hecho Está Hecho" was also released.
  • The song was co-produced and co-written by Neptunes record-producer Pharrell Williams. Shakira said of Pharrell to MTV News: "He comes up with ideas, and he executes them immediately. It's really cool, because I'm a little bit slower, and he's the man with the big strokes, and he really comes with great ideas. It was a great synergy."
  • The musical arrangement incorporates the rhythms of Brazilian samba and fast-paced drums. It is typical of the album, which features a selection of electronic pop songs with various world music textures. Shakira told Billboard: "I felt very curious and intrigued about the electro-pop world and everything it has to offer. I wanted to make sure that this album was very bassy and that the kicks hit really hard, and I wanted to concentrate on the beat. But my music, to a certain extent, is very complex - because I always try to experiment with sounds from other parts of the world."
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This song is about a couple having an affair in a hotel room.Aaron - Los Angeles, Ca