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Album: Them Crooked VulturesReleased: 2009
  • Crooked Vultures are a Rock group featuring the frontman of Queens of the Stone Age, Josh Homme, ex Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, and former Led Zeppelin bassist, John Paul Jones. This manic blues number is their first single from their self-titled debut album.
  • Homme and Jones had never met until just before the band were formed. Homme explained to Antiquiet that it was Grohl who put together the trio. Said Homme: "Dave mentioned this idea, and we're always looking for a chance to do stuff together. So he said, 'You know what, maybe I should ask John Paul Jones!' And I was like, 'That'd be awesome. And I'll ask The President. And we can put it all together.' And then all of a sudden he starts sending me e-mails of correspondence between him and Jones... I hadn't played guitar for five months, and I was gonna maybe take a break for a second, for my first time in a long time. But then [Dave] has his birthday party at Medieval Times, and of course he sat us right next to each other. That was the blind date. But he sat in the next row behind us, looking over. But you know, I think it's fairly common to meet someone from Zeppelin at Medieval Times."
  • This was the first track the band worked on. Jones explained to the BBC: "Dave said, 'I've got these chords,' so we thought, 'Let's have a bash at that.' We worked it into the song you hear now."
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Comments: 1

Great collection of musicians! Love this track. Dave is a great front man but a mad man on the drums. Hope to catch them live. TCV!!!!Ryan - Austin, Tx
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