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Diddley Bo by Seasick Steve

Album: Man From Another TimeReleased: 2009
  • This hymn to Seasick Stick's trusty one-stringed bass is the opening track on the American bluesman's fourth album, Man From Another Time. The record was produced, written and co-engineered by Seasick Steve who performed everything, aside from drums which are credited to his longstanding Swedish sticksman Dan Magnusson.
  • The song is basically a set of instructions for replicating one of Steve's distinctive home-made instruments, in this case his one-string Diddley-bow (a 2x4 with a string nailed to it). The Diddley-bow, which is played with a slide, is significant to blues music in that many blues guitarists got their start playing it as children.
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Comments: 1

Bo Diddley, a pioneer of Rock is the basis for this.
Now I wonder what was the original...Bo Diddley or Diddley bow?
Brady - Niagara Falls, Ny
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