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Two Of Us by The Beatles

Album: Let It BeReleased: 1970
  • Paul McCartney wrote this about he and his wife Linda. When The Beatles were breaking up, it took on new meaning as a gesture of affection from Paul to John Lennon.
  • Lennon and McCartney sang together on this. At the time, most of their songs were written by and contained a lead vocal from one or the other.
  • This is mostly acoustic. It contains some electric guitar and no bass.
  • This appears twice in the movie Let It Be, the first time as a duet by John and Paul.
  • Lennon whistled on the fade-out.
  • VH1 used the title for a fictional movie about Lennon and McCartney getting together in the '70s. This was the first original movie VH1 made. Others they produced include movies about Meat Loaf and Def Leppard.
  • Other notable songs McCartney wrote for/about Linda: "My Love," "Maybe I'm Amazed," "Calico Skies," "Warm & Beautiful," "Golden Earth Girl," "Some days," "She's My Baby," "Long Haired Lady," and "The Lovely Linda."
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Comments: 61

This intentionally stripped down song was produced by Phil Spector. John and Paul played with each other on acoustics (Everly Brothers style),George played a Telecaster and Ringo played only the bass drum.Rick Margin - Brick,nj
Makes me wonder who this is about. I too think it's about Paul and John or Paul and Linda.Lada - Zelenograd , Russia Federation
On March 1st 1970, a video of the Beatles performing "Let It Be" and "Two Of Us" was aired on the CBS-TV program 'The Ed Sullivan Show'...
All the performances on the show were Beatles related; Dionne Warwick did "We Can Work It Out", Peggy Lee sang "Something" & "Maxwell's Silver Hammer", Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme's duet was "Fool on the Hill", and the Muppets performed "Octopus' Garden"...
The Peter Gennaro Dancers did a dance production number to "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and NY Ballet dancer Edward Villella performed to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"...
Both songs on the video were from their 12th studio album, 'Let It Be', and the "Two Of Us" was not released as a single, but "Let It Be" peaked at #1 (for 2 weeks) on the Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart...
R.I.P. John and George.
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
These lines "Two of us riding nowhere, Spending someone's, Hard earned pay" Could be a reference to the trip John and Paul took to Paris in the early days. John had rich relatives who gave him 100 quill for his birthday, so he decided to take Paul with him on a trip which involved hedge hiking around Europe. They stopped in Paris and stayed the week and got come hair cuts.Jack - Centerport, Ny
To eric, covina, CA, I have never had a thought that the whistle was from Hello Goodbye, but, yeah, you are absolutely right.
To George, poopville, IA, I read that the "Hela, heba hello-a" part was actually written by John. http://thecurvature.com/2009/02/14/top-5-lennonmccartney-collaborations/
To richard, Toledo , OH, you must have not heard the rocker version of the song. I think it fits more to White Album
Norman - Jakarta, Indonesia
Deaf Aids was the nickname the Beatles gave to the large speakers that John used in order to make his guitar sound louder.Nikolai - Los Angeles, Ca
This one is a very beautiful song. I, too, think it was written for John. You know, Paul and Linda didn't have much of a past when it was written since they only started dating 'round 68. I always got that feeling. Maybe Paul sat down to write a song about Linda but it took a different way and turned into a song about John.Julia - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Kenny Loggins covered this on his recent children's album as a Loggins and Messina duet-
their first in 30 years.
Sara - Silver Spring, Md
I want to go on a trip and listen to this on the way home aha this is one of my favorites on Let it Be.Catresse - Lawrenceville, Ga
The lyrics are standing so long... not standining solo.Bob - Marinette, Wy
I read one time that this is a "Rubber Soul" sounding song. I couldn't agree more. Two Of Us could easily be a perfect fit on Rubber Soul.Richard - Toledo , Oh
To Bob, Long Beach: Deaf Aids is a British term for a hearing aid - it was the nickname the Beatles used for their amplifiers. Get it? Typical John humor.Scooter - Baltimore, Md
i dont know, to me it sounds more like its about paul reminscing about his early memories with john. "chasing papers, getting nowhere" seems like its about songwriting, doesnt it? and the part about their memories and the road that lies ahead. it just seems more like a song about old friends than two people in love. and i just watched the video clip on this page- george is most definately playing a bass. the way he holds the neck, the position of his fingers over the pickups, the length of the neck...thats a bass, im positive. and i wouldnt have noticed if somebody hadnt pointed it out- john's whistling "hello goodbye" at the end! strikes me as funny, not sure why...Chloe - St. Louis, Mo
I swear I remember a tape of this being played on the Ed Sullivan Show? I think it was in the Spring of '70. I've yet to find anyone that remembers this taking place. Does anyone else out there remember this or was I dreaming?Barry - Covington, Ky
Actually, George plays bass on Hey Jude (at least on the now-famous TV broadcast)Chris - Bishan, Singapore
Actually, there is some question about whether George plays bass on the tracks on Abbey Road, since many live takes feature bass, piano and drums on tracks when John wasn't in the studio. Also the Tichy, Micky reference is about another band called Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich. George says, "Y'all would have read that Dave Dee is no longer with us, but Micky, Tich and I would like to carry on the good work that's always gone down at Number Two" (That's Abbey Road's studio 2)Chris - Bishan, Singapore
Richard watch the you tube video its pretty obvious that george is playing his telecaster not a bass. Other than in the HELP movie, when george was fooling around with a bass during Another Girl, have you ever seen or heard george seriously playing a bass? oh yeah to all of you guys who say this is a bad beatles song i would like to say, every beatles song was and is a masterpiece!Matt - Kenntt, Mo
It's John's Fender Bass VI! Ricky - Tustin, CaRichard - Tustin, Ca
I love how they put Two of Us in I am Sam, because that is my favorite movie, and Aimee Mann and Michael Penn did a wonderful job. Me and My father even sang that song and put it on a c.d.!
The movie made me cry, from being happy. I'm so glad the Beatles wrote it!
Alyson - Beaver Dam, Wi
I love this song! it's funny when paul and john sing it in Let It be and they keep meesing up the lyrics. ("wearing postcards...")Rosario - Naples, Fl
I think that the line;
The two of us have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead
is about the fact that Paul saw it was coming to an end, not that he knew John would be shot in the back by a psicho that I will not even remember the name of.
John - Florida, Fl
It sounds lik thy were stealing money cos they say "Spending someones hard earned pay." I danno just a thought.Bianca Sanchez - Alburquerque, Nm
good song. Amazin'Bianca Sanchez - Alburquerque, Nm
The Charles Hawtrey bit by John was not an intro to "Two of Us". The two items are unrelated and separate recordings. John was fooling around in the studio and the producer, in his wisdom, decided to use it as a lead piece to the album.Colin - Melbourne, Australia
A great track. John and Paul sharing the vocals and sharing the same microphone - in so doing they created a very intimate sounding folksong, and was one of the more bittersweet moments leading up to the breakup.Doug - Vernon, Canada
Stephanie from Ellicott City, MD, I agree. It sounds more like it's more about John and Paul. This is one of my favorite Beatles songs! <3Krista - Elyria, Oh
The faster rock n roll rehersal takes from the Twickenham bootlegs and the Let It Be film are better I think.Michael - Carbondale, Il
Sorry for the error about Charles Hawtrey being a jazz bandleader. There was no such person. Only the famous, flamboyant actor of the Carry On fame who died in 1988.Colin - Melbourne, Australia
The Deaf Aids...means nothing but Charles Hawtry was a real famous UK jazz bandleader in the 50s and 60s.
This is my favourite Beatles song but somehow I feel it's not the best. At the time John and Paul weren't getting on too well and there seemed a lack of committment in the voices of both singers. the cover by Amy Mann I thought, was pretty lame. I reckon the Wreckers, with Michelle Branch being a Beatles fan and a fine singer, helped along by the equally talented Jessica, could turn the song into a real boppy fun piece. it might even become a hit if released!
Colin - Melbourne, Australia
OK everybody, but what are the "Deaf Aids"?Bob - Long Beach, Ca
Wow, Bobbi, I always thought of that line in a more figurative manner, that they had what seemed like infinite memories together; but looking at it in that sense, that they had known each other for a longer timeframe than John had left in his life, really puts things into another perspective.Mark B. Stoned - Desperate Hot Springs, Ca
Paul said he wrote this song on one of his long Sunday drives with Linda early in their relationship, and that it started out being about them but ended up being about him and John. ?Burning matches, lifting latches? recounts their semi-hoody exploits as kids together in Liverpool; "two of us chasing paper, getting nowhere" is a sad commentary on their legal/financial squabbles at the time. And the line "you and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead" always gives me a little chill. It was true, though I don't know how Paul could have known it at the time: he and John had known each other longer than John had left to live. Very sad, and just a bit spooky.Bobbi - Newington, Ct
Probably the greatest graduation song of all time...Apb - Farmington, Ct
Wasn't this song featured in some movie or soundtrack? I'm *not* thinking of 'I Am Sam' since I've never seen that, but something else I thought... Any help?Chris - Memphis, Tn
As Mike in New Point, VA, pointed out, this song was originally a rocker. I've heard some of the sessions where the Beatles were practicing the songs for Let It Be and "Two Of Us" was faster, electric and a much better song than what ended up on the album.Zoloft - Milton, Wv
Charles Hawtrey was an actor famous in the Carry On films series. 'Getting your oats' is an earthy but not particularly crude way of saying 'getting laid'. And a deaf aid's a deaf aid.Calum - Edinburgh, Scotland
This seems to be a bittersweet song. Paul is fondly reflecting back on his and John's childhood memories, but the song seems contentious when it's focus is on the present. Even on the fadeout it sounds like to me that John and Paul are bickering at each other...I'm going home...you better believe it...it's a great song though.Steve - Fenton, Mo
I have two versions.. a skippy one, and one that John says something obscure in in the beginning. The skippy one sounds more professional..which is the right one?Linus - Hamilton, On, Canada
The Lennon into is "I Dig a Pygmy by Charles Hortrey and the Deaf Aids, Phase One in which Doris gets her oats", just some comedic banter with a parody of the title of lennon's song "Dig a Pony".Jon - Danville, Ca
Great song. I like to think it's about John and Paul. There are already enough McCartney songs about Linda anyway. Great end to THE great bandJosh - Erlanger, Ky
i thought that he was saying "gets her horse"Joe - Vancouver, Canada
I think at the beginning of this song they say "I ain't dig a pigmey by Charles Horseraddish (something like that) and the deathaids (or deafaids) (laugh) phase one where (or when) Shily (something like that) gets her own (but sounds more like oats).Jordan - Wilmette, Il
"What John is whistling in the outro sounds familiar does it" well it does because it's the end of "Hello Goodbye" by Paul, you know the Hawaiian part.
- eric, covina, CA"

Why would John whistle Hello Goodbye if he hated that song?
George - Poopville, Ia
All of the songs in/ on the I am Sam soundtrack are Beatles songs (correct me if I am wrong). They were performed by other people though, which I found was kind of a sad rip-off as far as music goes. I would have loved to hear the originals on the soundtrack! But at least they had the Beatle's music in that film. By the way- I am Sam is an outstanding film which you must see!Mandy - Calgary, Canada
This is my favorite Beatle's song... Amy Man (Til Tuesday lead singer) did a nice cover of this song a few years ago.Brian - Oklahoma City, Ok
Even if this song is about Paul and Linda, I think it fits better with Paul and John.."memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead" something like that..but it fits better! Either way its a great song!! One of my favorites on Let It BeNiki - Chicago, Il
I always though this was Paul singing about his time with John as teenagers in Liverpool and later in Hamburg ("You and I have memories/Longer than the road that stretches out ahead...")Ken - Louisville, Ky
You can try eBay. All DVD versions are copies usually made from the official laserdisc version. There is no official dvd version.Henry - Victoria, Canada
So where does one get hold of the film so we can all check out which guitar George plays?Calum - Edinburgh, Scotland
George doesn't play the Fender Bass VI on this track, he's clearly seen playing his custom rosewood Telecaster.Henry - Victoria, Canada
"2 of us" by Suede (aja The London Suede) is about a woman who listens to this song.Antonio - Brugge, Belgium
i can see it is posted that georeg harrson played the fender bass vi on this song....is that a fact?George - Yonkers, Ny
What John is whistling in the outro sounds familiar does it" well it does because it's the end of "Hello Goodbye" by Paul, you know the Hawaiian part.Eric - Covina, Ca
This song was a real rocker in its first incarnation. They slowed it down later for the final recording.Mike - New Point, Va
was "let it be" really just produced from tapes of their rooftop concert, rehearsals, etc. as seen in the movie, or was some of it besides "i me mine" totally studio.

also, does anyone know where to find the movie, I'd love to see it!

and Alexandre, do you know what john means by that? was it part of the whole joke with "micky" and "titch" or whatever george calls john and ringo on the "i me mine" intro on anthology 3?
Loretta - Liverpool, England
Is the electric instrument that sounds like a guitar actually the Fender VI? also, I love the drum transition between the "you and i have memories" bridge thingy and the main verse that can be heard on anthology 3.Anonymous
John introduces this song saying "I dig a Pygmy by Charles Hawtrey and the Deaf Aids... Phase One in which Doris gets her oats."Alexandre - São Paulo, Brazil
Linda McCartney said that this is about her and Paul but Im not sure whether Paul ever said anything about its meaning.John Doe - Anytown, Al
George Harrison actually plays a Fender Bass VI, which was more like a guitar in the bass range rather than a "bass guitar" so there is actually a bass line. This can be seen in the film Let it Be.Aaron - New Glasgow, Canada
i always got the feeling that this song was more about John and Paul instead of Paul and Linda, particularly the part about "you and i have memories, longer than the road that stretches out ahead..."Stephanie - Ellicott City, Md
(2001) Aimee Mann and Michael Penn sang this song for the 'I Am Sam' soundtrackCarolyn - P'ville, Ca
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