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Party Hard


Andrew W.K.

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This was the first single Andrew W.K. released after being signed to Island Records. They signed him after a few years of his solo gigs around New York City and other parts of the east coast.
This is about the party lifestyle he endorses. Andrew's philosophy is to not put limits on yourself and get the most out of life. Years later, Andrew became a popular speaker and TV personality, often playing off the image he created with this song. In 2012, he hosted a panel called "What Would Pinkie Pie Do?" at a My Little Pony convention.
The album cover depicts Andrew with blood pouring down from his nose. It sparked controversy because the record company thought the bloody nose was supposed to have come from snorting too much cocaine.
This is just one of several Andrew WK songs with the word "party" in it. Others being: "Party Til You Puke" and "It's Time to Party."
The video, which showcases the intense energy Andrew puts into his stage show, garnered buzzworthy status on MTV.
In October 2001, this was released in England, where the single debuted at #14. The album wasn't released in the US until March 2002.
Andrew W.K.
Andrew W.K. Artistfacts
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Comments (12):

One of the best tracks off this album for me along with 'She Is Beautiful'.
- Phil, Neenah, WI
No Craig, actually he has produced 2 full length albums since this one. Not as popular but still good quality by his fans' standards. He is also a motivational speaker when not making music. He is very smart despite his reputation. He is my role model and hero. Party Hard!!!
- Keven, Palatine Bridge, NY
What's up with the album cover? why's he all bloody? i'm not saying i don't like it, it's kinda hardcore, just wondering what it means.
- Claire, Forsyth, GA
JUMP UP AND down and get in a ****ing mosh pit because PARTY HARD RULES
- Ben, Manchester, United Kingdom
Boy, this guy was so hyped! Hahaha. His career died before it began. Whats he doing now? Flipping burgers? Cleaning windscreens?
- Craig, melbourne, Australia
The Piano player is so hardcore, he plays 1 single note over and over again throughout the whole song and headbangs the entire time whilst doing it!
- Scott, Trowbridge, England
I really became familiar with this song when it was on Madden 2003 (or was it 2002?)
- Katie, Tallahassee, FL
This song title is actually the radio edit version. Andrew W.K. had originally written this song about when he decided to go on viagra, and the real title is "Partly Hard".
- Jayson, Herenesate, MS
Just fun music to listen to and get pumped up by, but I like it!!!
- Dee, Indianapolis, IN
Greatest show i've ever seen. Both times! and most likely the third time as well. Andrew W.K. is my hero!
- Gavin, Binghamton, NY
andrew w.k one of the few rockers of our time that i actually like, keep on rocking man!!!!!!
- Charlie, Thomaston, CT
Andrew hit himself in the face with a brick a few times to get the blood, but not enough was coming out, so he had some pig's blood added as well
- Brad, Manteca, CA
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