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Who I Was Born To Be


Susan Boyle

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This song is the one original composition on the I Dreamed a Dream album.
Boyle said of this song: "Ambition, fate, call it what you will, but who was I born to be? Mum must have picked this for me."
The song features the gospel group The LJ Singers led by Lawrence Johnson on the final verse.
This piano ballad was written by Oklahoma singer/songwriter Audra Mae. Until she got this song placed on I Dreamed a Dream, her biggest claim to fame was being the grandniece of famed Hollywood icon Judy Garland. For this track she hooked up with Swedish production/songwriter trio Play Production who sent her the chords and melody for a song they said was intended for Boyle's album. She told MTV News how she achieved her big break: "I knew it needed to be a song that made sense for her to sing, so I went online and researched her and her life and found out how she got to be where she is, and it came from that. I knew it needed to be something that she could be proud to sing. Almost like a mantra - and I'm thrilled that she liked it enough to put it on the album. The cool thing is that she symbolizes real talent above anything else, above a show with pyrotechnics, a hot body... she's f---ing talented and it's really awesome to be a part of that."
Susan Boyle
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Comments (1):

i must say that she is not the best looking woman but she has an amazing voice and talent and i definetly respect her for this.
- jessica, Bangor, ME
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