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Just A Little More Love


David Guetta

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This is the first of several Guetta tracks featuring American gospel singer Chris Willis. Other Guetta collaborations with Willis include "Love Is Gone" and "Getting' Over." In an interview with Clayton Perry featured in Blogcritics Magazine, the French DJ explained how he hooked up with the American gospel singer: "I'm very lucky to have met him. We met in Paris, by accident, between friends. At the time, he was recording primarily gospel songs and he didn't know anything about dance music. So I invited him to the studio and we made our first song, 'Just a Little More Love ' in thirty minutes. And it was crazy! I never heard somebody that could sing like that and we just had the magic together in the studio, as two guys that love music."

In our interview with Chris Willis, he said: "I just happened to be in France working with a group and one of the guys in the group - it was a boy band from Paris - introduced me to David. David was in the process of recording an album, and he was like, 'Yeah, come out to the studio and vibe.' We vibed and the next day we wrote 'Just A Little More Love,' and that changed everything for me."
Guetta and Chris Willis wrote this song with Guetta's frequent collaborators Jean Charles Carré and Joachim Garraud, with Guetta and Garraud producing the track. Willis was used to working in Nashville, which was quite a contrast to his experience in Paris. "I did the one track, one version, and they were cheering in the studio. It was completely different than all the work that I did in Nashville," Willis told us. "It was really about a lot of critical analysis about music. David and Joachim Garraud loved the music immediately, which totally changed everything inside for me. A few months later the song became the #1 song in France, and I had the pleasure of writing a few other songs - 'Love Don't Let Me Go,' 'Love Is Gone,' 'Gettin' Over You,' - all of those songs with David that enjoyed incredible airplay around the world really established me as a dance artist, a recording artist, a vocalist, and a songwriter on a more international level. That's how big the change was."
Chris Willis tells us that the American Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. was the inspiration for his lyrics, along with the concept of unity and understanding. Said Willis, "My parents went through the Civil Rights Movement, and being African-American myself, it was always very important for us to really be sensitive to our history and our family history. It was important not to be racist but to embrace all people and to embrace all struggles, because everybody has a struggle, no matter what country you're from or what nationality you are. But to have a sense of myself and be sensitive to where I've come from has really helped me know where to go and at least map a course as far as what I'd like to say and the kind of person I'd like to be.

'Just A Little More Love' could be very spiritual, could be very much about saving the world, saving the planet, being good to your neighbor, being good to your fellow man, all of which are definitely tied to what spirituality is about."
David Guetta
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