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Album: This Is WarReleased: 2009
  • Shannon Leto not only wrote the song and played his usual drums, but also the guitar. Lead guitarist Tomo explained to Musicradar.com: "What most people won't know is that Shannon wrote this song and played practically all the guitars on it. The only thing I did was I put a little electric guitar melody at the beginning - Shannon asked me to lay that part down. Shannon had the song kicking around and we really encouraged him to lock himself in his bedroom and do something incredible. After a couple of days, he emerged with this creation that was very beautiful. Even though I had very little to do with it, it's my favorite song on the album to listen to. It's a great 'put on the headphones and lose yourself'-type track. And I have to say, the little electric guitar I put down is the best tone I got - that's the Jazzmaster again."
  • The song features a choir of Tibetan monks. Lead Singer/guitarist Jared Leto told Q magazine December 2009. "They're the real deal. We recorded at my house in LA, one monk rescued a drowning bee from my pool."
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