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Little Secrets by Passion Pit

Album: MannersReleased: 2009
  • This is the third single from American electro band Passion Pit's debut album, Manners. Lyrically the song appears to be about using drugs to help with depression and keeping it secret.
  • "Little Secrets" is one of several tracks on Manners to have a children's choir on it. Bass player Jeff Apruzzese told The Aquarian: "Mike (Angelakos) always had this idea in his head. He's always wanted a children's choir and now is the time where we could do it. We were in a professional studio, we had the budget. Mike and the producer Chris Vane had been searching around for a children's choir and they couldn't find one. Then they stumbled across PS 22 because they had a bunch of YouTube videos. They were covering Beatles' 'Strawberry Fields' and they were really into doing contemporary stuff and we just got in contact with them and they were super adamant on doing it. It was like 54 children in the studio and they were so excited to do it."
  • The Sun May 15, 2009 asked frontman Mike Angelakos why he puts such happy music to such dark, intense lyrics. He replied: "I thrive on that juxtaposition. What I'm doing musically makes perfect sense because I hide behind presenting myself as a happy person, whereas deep down I'm not. That's why we called the album Manners. You go around fulfilling these roles and acting in a certain way to come across as a person who has it all together - but you don't at all."
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Comments: 2

i cant even listen to this song in public because i cant listen to it and not feel the urge to break out in full song and danceCaitlyn - Royersford, Pa
this song is really good, i'd never heard of Passon Pit until i heard this song, and now listen to all their music.Indigo - Adelaide, Australia
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