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Dig It by The Beatles

Album: Let It BeReleased: 1970
  • This was taken from a 12 minute improvised jam session in the studio. The Beatles were planning to record the album in front of a live TV audience, with another TV special made about how the album was made. When George Harrison protested, plans for the live show were scrapped and the album was assembled from various sessions. Phil Spector was brought in to work with the tapes, and the album was finally released about a year after it was recorded.
  • The Beatles were constantly using the phrase "Dig it" at this time.
  • This appears in the Beatles movie Let It Be, which was the result of footage shot for what was going to be the TV special.
  • This song did not age very well, and was left off the album when Apple records released Let It Be... Naked, a version of the album without Phil Spector's orchestrations. That album came out in 2003.
  • Billy Preston played the organ. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • The original title was "Can You Dig It," which John says at the end (spliced in from an earlier session) when he says "That was 'Can You Dig It' by Georgie Wood. And now we'd like to do 'Hark The Angels Come'." Incidentally, George Wood was the name of the man who bought John's childhood home Mendips from his Auntie Mimi. It was also the name of a British child star.
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Comments: 28

Only a small part was used for the original "Let It Be" album.Carl - Apg, Md
"By Georgie Wood" is a play on words (possibly unintential), which can also be heard as "By George, 'e would." This phrase uses the British expression 'by George', and drops the 'h' in the word 'he'. Note that the 'h' is also dropped in the word 'hark', i.e. " 'ark the angels come"Raf - Vancouver, Bc
John was heavily influenced By Bob Dylan at the time. When he says "Like a rolling stone", he's referring to Bob Dylan's classsic song "Like a rolling stone". Lennon's improvisation captured the same energy and spirit of Dylan's classic.Jay - Vancouver, Bc
"Like a Rolling Stone," mean just that - the Rolling Stones! They were the Beatles friends and it was very likely a plug for them. Since none other than Billy Preston played with them on this one.Linc - Beaumont, Tx
Although he's mostly remembered as MUFC manager because of the way he built up the team, that's not the whole Busby story.

The significance of Matt Busby might only be because he was a major British soccer figure. But time for trivia, some of which is relevant ....

Busby played for Manchester City before transferring to Liverpool FC in 1936; he was a major player at Anfield.

The Beatles first TV appearance was on Manchester-based independent TV network Granada, program.

I disagree that the rivalry between Pool and MUFC was notably bitter. Rivalry between Liverpool and Everton was more likely to be.
Jacquot - State Of Franklin, Tn
I can't believe it, But I actually LIKE this song!Matthew - Melbourne, Australia
The real beauty of Dig It is how its little slice of weirdness segues so wonderfully into the gentle piano intro of Let It Be. I personally cannot play Let It Be without first playing Dig It. Magic!Jim - Johnsonburg, Ny
Sheryl Crow was obviously VERY VERY INFLUENCED by this song when she wrote/recorded her "Na-Na Song."Susan - Toronto, Canada
"Like a rolling stone" whatever that meansJohn Smith - Southington, Ct
I can't state this as fact, but am under the strong belief that John does the "Hark the Angels Come," as a shot at Paul singing "Let it Be," which follows the comment. On Anthology III, John praises "Let it Be," but I believe John did it in post-production when the two were feuding and insults Paul's song with the thought that it's not the type of song the Beatles would sing.David - Youngstown, Oh
I don't know why, but I love this song! Short, but great! One of the things I love about The Beatles is that they did so many weird (but awesome) songs!Ian - Lethbridge, Canada
MR. CHIMP, I don't really know if John was doing a Mick Jagger impersonation, but ever since I heard this song (some 30 years ago) I was searching for the album's credits to see if indeed Jagger was singing on the song. The Beatles and Stones did some collaboration before...Jaf - Benson, Az
The speach at the end was actually done by John.Jon - Danville, Ca
this song is great. i think it should be longerMicka - šèavnica, Other
yeah it's paulMicka - šèavnica, Other
It is 0:50.Jordan - Wimette, Il
This is a great song!!I think it´s Paul who says :
"That was Can you dig it by Georgie Wood,and now we´d to do Hark the Angels Come"
It may be John, but I´m sure it´s PAUL.Listen more carefully!!!!
Paula-mersey - TÃ?mperley, Argentina
I personally have never heard an instrumental jam session that has sounded better than the piano/organ combination of this song... It's up tere with my other faorite Beatles hits...Brooks - Vero Beach, Fl
the hark the angels come comment is not talking about let it be, but in fact the actual song, hark the angels come, which they sang (jokingly and terribly) afterwardsLoretta - Liverpool, England
Didn´t John parody Mick Jagger ?Mr. Chimp - Brno, Czech Republic
("Wee")Georgie Wood was a music hall and variety performer in England. He was only 4 Ft. 9 in. tall when fully grown and had over a 50-year career. A child star, he was imitated by John in the high falsetto voice on the end of "Dig It".Alan - New Baltimore, Mi
Is John who says "That was 'Can You Dig It' by Georgie Wood, and now we'd like to do 'Hark the Angels Come"', not Ringo. See the Let It Be OuttakesAlexandre - São Paulo, Brazil
I think Ringo's saying:
"That was [two syllable word] 'Dig It' by Georgie Wood, and now we'd like to do 'Hark the Angels Come"'. I dont know who Georgie Wood is- it might be one of the beatles' nicknames for each other. I think that the "hark the angels come" has something to do with the fact that the next song is "Let it Be", which sounds slightly religius. but i don't really know for certain
Dave - Springfield, United States
The meaning of "Dig it"?
Now it's ALL clear.
Just looking at:

Very telling.
Sun King - Danielsville, Ga
Nick,I don't know.He sounds like:"we can dig it charlie real good now;we'll do it just when the angels come!"Scott Baddwin - Edmonton, England
what does Ringo say at the end? anyone know?Nick - San Francisco, Ca
Right at the end, they say "And Matt Busby" Sir Busby was one of the greatest managers of the football team Manchester United. I never really understood this line, as Liverpool and Manchester United have always had a bitter rivalry.Brendan - Colts Neck, Nj
I don't know why...but this song gives me the giggles. I don't know...call me strange. But it's one of my favorites of theirs (as are most of their songs) and I think it's a rip off that it didn't make the final cut. Oh well, you can't win 'em all.Brittanie - Liverpool, England
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