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N.S.U. by Cream

Album: Fresh CreamReleased: 1966
  • Written by Cream's bass player Jack Bruce, "N.S.U." was one of the numbers the band performed on stage from the outset. In fact, Jack had written the song for the band's very first rehearsal. N.S.U. is an acronym for "Non-Specific Urethritis," a form of venereal disease Eric Clapton is rumored to have been afflicted with at the time. The lads, apparently having a bit of fun, thought it would be a good title for the song. >>
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    Saddlesocked - Sunnyvale, CA
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Comments: 6

Bruce himself states, in a video, that the venereal disease was the source of the title, but he says it stood for "No Sex Until."John - Brisbane, Australia
Will always remind me of a walk on a sunny Sat. morning--a rebirth of a tired head!Rich - Portsmouth, Nh
That NSU coincidentally referred to a venereal disease was a nice bit of "bad boy" double intendre, but in no way illuminates the song's lyrics.Webster - Fresno, Ca
The first lines of the song say, "Drive in my car/Smoke my cigar..." NSU was a European (German) auto and motorcycle manufacturer, eventually purchased by Volkswagen and reformed as the manufacturer Audi. Clapton may have had an STD at the time, but the song was named after the sporty little classic car Bruce admired.Webster - Fresno, Ca
I always thought the title stood for "Nevada State University"Barry - New York, Nc
An acronym is an abbreviation that can be read like a word - e.g. LASER (for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation).
N.S.U. is an abbreviation - that's all.
Michael - Bradford, England
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