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I Am A Tangerine by Tommy James & the Shondells

Album: Crystal Blues Symphonies: The Psychedelic YearsReleased: 1968
  • We asked about this song in our interview with Tommy James, and got this response: "To be perfectly honest, we were all stoned when we wrote that. I shouldn't admit that, but we did have our moments back then. Our world was wiggling pretty good. So it was just one of those kind of nonsensical songs, and I wish I could be more profound than that. So much of the writing that you do when you're on a roll like that is stuff you don't even really think about. It just sort of comes out of your mouth, and that was one of those songs. We just had this little chord progression, I don't know if we were looking at a fruit bowl or what we were looking at. It was just one of those songs that just kind of falls out of your face. I don't know how else to say it. A lot of our songs are like that."
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This may be one of the more obscure songs, but it's just as good as the ones that most people would identify from the Tommy James & The Shondells catalog.Adam - West Palm Beach, Fl
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