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Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz

Album: Are You Gonna Go My WayReleased: 1993Charted:
  • This song is about Jesus Christ, whom Lenny referred to as "The Ultimate Rock Star." It's about how God gives choice to man about where to turn. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ramon - Ottawa, Canada
  • This was not released as a single in the US, but in 1995 a live version was used as the B-side of Kravitz' "Rock And Roll Is Dead."
  • Kravitz played this on Saturday Night Live in 1993. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Michael - Mountain View, CA
  • In an interview posted on his website, Kravitz said: "We were just jamming in the studio. You know, I was jamming with Craig Ross, who I wrote the song with. It was one of those songs that happened in 5 minutes. We were jamming. I thought there was something happening. I told Henry to turn the tape machines on, and we played it. And that was it. And then I went and wrote the lyrics on a brown paper bag, I remember at my loft on Broome Street at the time. Went in and sang it the next day. And that was it." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Martin - Rostock, Germany
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Comments: 17

I remember late '92 or early '93, this was getting so much airplay. And the inevitable Hendrix comparisons. Sure he may have been influenced by Jimi, but aren't most rock guitarists? I played this single to death.Luke - London, Uk
On April 17th 1993, Lenny Kravitz performed "Are You Gonna Go My Way" on the NBC-TV program 'Saturday Night Live'...
Two months later on June 6th, 1993 it peaked at #1 (for 2 weeks) on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart...
And on April 3rd, 1993 it also reached #1 (for 6 weeks) on the Australian ARIA Top Singles chart.
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
If anyone noticed in the video, he doesn't even play his own solo. And I don't know if this happens in all of his songs but Hendrix obviously played all of his solos. So stop comparing the two.Marcus - Columbia, Mo
Lenny is the son of Roxie Roker and Seymour "Sy" Kravitz. Roxie played Helen Willis on the The Jeffersons for 11 seasons. His dad was an american film maker and NBC news producer. She was also cousin to Al Roker a television news personality.Louis Rodriguez - Lancaster, Ca
Fabulous song, and definitely my favorite from Lenny.
The video for it is simple, but has a nice visual of rotating lights on the ceiling.
Lenny was most definitely paying homage to Hendrix on this one, especially with that final bit of echo on his guitar for the last notes.
Way to go on this one, Lenny.
Oldpink - New Castle, In
The guitar is awesome, but i don't really listen to Kravitz that much, Jimi is waaaaayyy better, he puts more feeling into his guitar!Allie - A Little Ol' Town In, Mi
Lenny se atrevio a emular a Hendryx. Le fue bien. Se agarro como un gato desesperado a la guitarra, se ahogo en su propio sueƱo y lo consiguio. Fue la primera cancion que pusimos con Mario en el lanzamiento de la emisora SUPERESTACION fm 100.5 en Cali, Colombia.Carlospassage - Cali-colombia, South America
When I first heard this on the radio, I thought "wait a minute, I've never heard this Hendrix song before!" I figured out that it was lenny kravitz and was stunned. The music artist that I am most embaressed to say I like is probably lenny.Johnny - Los Angeles, Ca
This song is lame for one reason and one reason only.
Listen to Easy Rider By Jimi Hendrix, he has just stole a riff from the bridge of the song.
Daniel - Northern Ireland, United States
This song was on the video game "GRAN TURISMO 3"Brian - Fairborn, Oh
i agree with dino...kravitz is not the next hendrix, there will probably never be another hendrix, but nevertheless the riff is coolEvan - Flower Mound, Tx
This is one of my favorite songs by Lenny. I am seeing him and Aerosmith in Febuary. It was my christmas present.Julian - Anaheim, Ca
Everything is derivative of something before it. Why does Lenny get so much heat for it?

Lenny has written some beautiful lyrics, and set them to some compelling music, and those songs have helped me in my life. That is enough for him to earn my admiration.
Brad - Indianapolis, In
Metallica did a brief 45 second version of this at the 2003 VMA's...they also played Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes, and Beat It by Jacko.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
Lenny in fact did not get his start in show business even though he did do a Burger King commercial that showed him biting into a burger. He left home at the age of 15 and lived in a Ford Pinto for $5 a day. When he went to record companies with his demo, they either said his music was not black enough or not white enough. Meanwhile, as his critics continue to say he's a fad, rip off, phoney and countless other remarks. However, 16 years and 4 grammy awards later, he's still going strong. Unlike countless groups that were around when he started. It just goes to show you that his critics know nothing and they probably can't name many artists who have had their albums go platinum or gold in 31 countries around the world and write, produce and play all the intruments on their albums. Like him or not, he must be doing something right.Mike - Lake Hopatcong, Nj
i dont like kravitz, but the riff is coolDino - Athens, Greece
Kravitz at this point in his career was being forced to milk the fact that he was the only really commercial succesful black guitarist since Hendrix. His tone is resemblant of Jimi's, but Lenny has no soul. It is worth pointing out that Kravitz is a pop-culture-slave-type artist that got his start in show business at a very young age(earlier than 7) in a Burger King commercial.
But yes, the song is about direction of free-will and the choices humanity makes.
Eddie - Lachine, Mi
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