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Last Dance by The Cure

Album: DisintegrationReleased: 1989
  • This features a hidden lyric from another Cure track. The lyric, not included in the official lyrics, comes from the 1982 song "Cold," which originally appeared on the album Pornography. Lead singer Robert Smith whispers "your name like ice into my heart" before the last verse. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Richard - Alva, OK
  • In a 1989 interview with Music Box TV, vocalist Robert Smith said the song was about "someone that you meet and you haven't seen for a long time. And you used to have very strong feelings for and you don't anymore, you suddenly realize... It's a horrible sensation."
  • The song was not included on original vinyl pressings of Disintergration and originally was included as a bonus track.
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Comments: 3

That's funny that he whisper a line from another song because he also whispers "Fly me to the moon" in Lovesong, same album!Paul - Tucson, Az
This song is so melancholic and beautiful. It reminds me of the transition of leaving childhood behind and the transition into adulthood; wonderful but also a place were ordinary things have lost their wonder. It also reminds me of how fragile life is and how nothing is forever...Martha - Pasadena, Ca
In my opinion its about going away from someone and also growing up,like maturing or getting over something,i love this songMiguel - Casa Grandes, Mexico
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