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Opposite Of Adults by Chiddy Bang

Album: The Swelly ExpressReleased: 2010Charted:
  • Philly rap-rock duo Chiddy Bang comprise Noah Beresin, better known as Xaphoon Jones (DJ/ producer) and Chidera "Chiddy" Anamege (vocals). The duo met at Drexel University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and this was their first single.
  • This song heavily borrows from "Kids," the MGMT tune forming the basis of "Adults'" chord sequence and melody.
  • The duo told Artist Direct the story behind the song:
    Xaphoon Jones "I've been working with samples as a hip hop producer for awhile. I love the classic soul sound, but with this project, I wanted to do something new that pushes the boundaries of what you hear every day. Chiddy and I are trying to bring back the old vibe of a DJ/producer and MC like Rob Base and EZ Rock. It's definitely that old school fun style with some new school production techniques and rhymes."
    Chiddy: "I was a freshman in college. Xaphoon played me a slammin' beat that was an MGMT remix. I had no idea who MGMT was, but he had a mash-up with Notorious B.I.G. on it. It was 'Mo Money Mo Problems.' When he played me 'Opposite of Adults,' there was a certain nostalgia to it. It reminded me of my younger days. Lyrically, everybody wants to be a kid forever. No one wants to grow up. That was what I was feeling when I wrote the song—something universal that everybody can dig. When everything is youthful, everything is great. You don't have to worry about anything. That's the life"
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i might have to go to rehab to get this beat out of my headCaitlyn - Royersford, Pa
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