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Get Back by The Beatles

Album: Let It BeReleased: 1969Charted:
  • Early versions include the line "I dig no Pakistanis." The song began as a commentary about immigration, telling people to "Get Back" to their own countries. It was meant to mock Britain's anti-immigrant proponents. Paul McCartney thought better of it and made the lyrics more obscure. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Brad Wind - Miami, FL
  • A live version on the Apple rooftop ended the movie Let It Be. This is what The Beatles were playing on the Apple rooftop when the police shut them down. The album version is a studio take with the end of the rooftop concert spliced on, complete with comments to make it sound live.
  • "Get Back" was going to be the title of the album. The concept was The Beatles "getting back" to their roots and playing new songs for a live audience without any studio tricks. This song came closest to capturing that spirit, but the album became something completely different when they decided to scrap the idea of a live album. Glyn Johns, who engineered the sessions was asked to put the album together from what were really rehearsal tapes. After he put the album together, it sat around while the Let It Be Movie was being edited from the film footage of The Beatles rehearsing in the studio and playing on the rooftop. During this time, The Beatles made the Abbey Road album, released it, and broke up. John Lennon had Phil Spector produce his solo song "Instant Karma," which Harrison played on. They liked Spector's work and asked him to produce the Get Back album, which was re-titled Let It Be. Spector took the tapes and added orchestrations using his "Wall Of Sound" technique, and the album that was supposed to be the raw sound of The Beatles returning to their roots was released as a highly-produced final album after they had broken up.
  • In their early days, The Beatles played in clubs for hours most nights, but by 1967, they stopped touring. This single was advertised as "The Beatles as nature intended."
  • At the beginning of the album version, Lennon sang, "Sweet Loretta fat she thought she was a cleaner, but she was a frying pan." He was making fun of the first line in the song.
  • At the end of the album version, Paul says "thanks Mo" in response to Ringo's wife, Maureen, who was clapping.
  • The press release to promote the single contained this quote from McCartney: "We were sitting in the studio and we made it up out of thin air... we started to write words there and then... when we finished it, we recorded it at Apple Studios and made it into a song to roller coast by."
  • Lennon claimed this was basically a rewrite of their 1968 song "Lady Madonna."
  • The single version is longer than the album version. Usually it is the other way around.
  • Paul looked at Yoko in the studio when he sang the line "get back to where you once belong." John thought he was disrespecting her.
  • McCartney got the idea for "Get Back" from the line, "Get back to where you should be," which came from a song Harrison wrote called "Sour Milk Sea," which was eventually recorded by Jackie Lomax. McCartney changed the line to, "Get back to where you once belonged." >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • There was speculation that the character "JoJo" was based on Joseph Melville See Jr., Linda McCartney's first husband, who was from Tucson, Arizona. McCartney denied this, explaining in his 1988 autobiography Many Years From Now, that he and Linda were on good terms with See, who used the first name Melville, and that "JoJo" was "an imaginary character, half-man and half-woman."

    Linda attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, and in 1979 she and Paul bought a ranch there. As for Joseph Melville See, he never remarried, and in 2000 he killed himself in Tucson.
  • Billy Preston played piano and became the only guest artist to get a credit on a Beatles single when this was credited to "The Beatles with Billy Preston." After George Harrison left the sessions, he saw Preston in concert with Ray Charles. The Beatles met Preston in 1962 when they were both playing in Germany, but they hadn't seen each other since. Harrison asked Preston to come by the studio the next day, where he played on this and "Don't Let Me Down." Having him in the studio eased the tension and made it easier for The Beatles to put personal conflicts aside and record the album.
  • The last version of the song, which can be heard in the widely bootlegged "rooftop sessions," finds McCartney mocking the police as they shut down the rooftop concert. You can hear him ad-lib the lines "You been out too long, Loretta! You've been playing on the roofs again! That's no good! You know your mommy doesn't like that! Oh, she's getting angry... she'll have you arrested! Get back!"
  • Some of the artists to cover this song include: The Bee Gees, The Crusaders, Dizzy Gillespie, Al Green, Elton John, The London Symphony Orchestra, The Main Ingredient, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Billy Preston, Kenny Rogers, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Shadows, Status Quo, Rod Stewart, Ike and Tina Turner, and Sarah Vaughan. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 2
  • In 2003, Paul and Ringo gave permission to Apple Records to rework the album and remove Phil Spector's production. The result is the stripped down version called Let It Be... Naked, which McCartney claims is what the group intended.
  • McCartney played this at halftime of the 2005 Super Bowl. It was the year after Janet Jackson exposed her breast during the halftime show.
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Comments: 82

I got the idea that Jojo went to California, with stars in his eyes & got caught up in California weird culture, including pot & a drag queen who fooled herself (& him) into believing he was a real female.George - Vancouver, Canada
On October 22nd 1978, Billy Preston's covered version of "Get Back" entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #86, and following week it was still at #86, then it fell off the Top 100 chart...
This version was featured in the 1978 movie 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' and in the movie Billy portrayed Sgt. Pepper...
Billy Preston passed away on June 6th, 2006 at the young age of 59.
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
On July 15th 2009, Paul McCartney performed "Get Back" on the CBS-TV program 'The Late Show with David Letterman' (he performed the song above the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater)...
Exactly forty years earlier on July 15th, 1969 the Beatles' original version of the song was at #16 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; eight weeks earlier on May 18th, 1969 it peaked at #1 (for 5 weeks) on the chart...
Five years later on February 5th, 2014 Lenny Kravitz performed "Get Back" on the 'Letterman' show...
R.I.P. John and George.
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
On April 30th 1969, a video of the Beatles performed "Get Back" and "Don't Let Me Down" aired on the CBS-TV program 'The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour'...
Four days later on May 4th, 1969 "Get Back" entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #10...
Besides peaking at #1 in the U.S.A. and United Kingdom; it reached the top spot in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, and Switzerland...
(See next post below for more chart info)...
May God bless and watch over Mr. Campbell.
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
On January 30th 1969, the Beatles performed live in public for the last time...
The 'so-so' concert took place on the roof of Apple Records in London...
They performed nine songs, with one being "Get Back"...
Four months later on May 4th, 1969 it entered Billboard's Hot Top 10 at position #10 (amazingly, it was also its first week on the Top 100); and two weeks later on May 18th, 1969 it peaked at #1 (for 5 weeks) and spent 12 weeks on the Top 100 (and 9 of those 12 weeks were on the Top 10)...
But then on July 20th it was at position #27, and that was its last week on the Top 100...
As usual with most Beatles' releases the record's flip-side, "Don't Let Me Down", received its share of attention; as a result it reached #35 on the Top 100...
R.I.P. John, George, and Mr. Preston (1946 - 2006).
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
Most people assume this was a song composed exclusively by Paul. But in the book "The Beatles" by Bob Spitz, Spitz says that during the rehearsals "the playfulness of the melody" got John's attention and he "collaborated with Paul on the lyrics". A rare 1969 co-written songOscar - Boston, Nh
Beatles and Rolling Stones fans received a big surprise on Monday, December 5th, 2012 A.D. when Paul McCartney welcomed Ron Wood onstage during his performance at London's O2 Arena. BeatlesExaminer.com reported that during the encores, McCartney announced to the crowd, "I'm gonna bring a Rolling Stone onstage," then Wood joined McCartney and his band for a rousing version of the "Fab Four's" 1969 chart-topper, "Get Back." [RAWK NUUZ RU#2011-12-06 A.D.]Deethewriter - Saint Petersburg, Russia Federation
I was living in The Big Apple in 1975 when I bumped into a dungeon down on 14th Street and 2nd Av where a bootleg Beatles album was being sold. I bought a copy, of course. I should have bought them all, geez. But I was an struggling student. The audio was terrible as if someone sneaked in a low quality mic through the roof and recorded onto cassette tape. But it was the Beatles beyond any shadow of a doubt. Anyway, while roughly sketching the song Get Back, you could hear Paul singing A Capella, ....Was a Pakistani living in the UK, taking on people's jobs. ....bla, bla, was a Puerto Rican so Get Back to where you once belonged. Oh BTW, this was a double album with songs of the Let It Be and Abbey Road songs. Did someone let these tapes slip out purposely?Jorge - Oakland, Ca
Here's a music trivia killer: Who was the 'Blue Meanie" who called the cops in London to shut the Beatles & their last public performance down? According to author Christopher Sandford, ('McCartney' pg 170-171) it was Stanley Davis, a woolens merchant who worked next door. I went to four Beatles concerts, including the 'last one' at Candlestick Park in south San Francisco. Afterwards I drove to the airport and waved goodbye as they boarded their private plane on the tarmack. Contrary to a lot of published accounts, in all four concerts I could clearly hear them just fine throughout (music & vocals), in spite of all the hysteria going on around. Mind you, I was up front the first two concerts and not in the back. I thought the PA was pretty good at the ballpark shows. They didn't play very long, 30 minutes, at best. (The opening to 'Paperback Writer' was not the same as the single)Sandford reports that the rooftop performance lasted 42 minutes. By the way, Maureen Starkey, Ringo's former wife, was a reporter (journalist) who interviewed the Beatles many times. Her maiden name was Maureen Cleave. The oldest piece of published material I have from England of the Beatles is a black & white 'magazine' dedicated to promoting the Beatles; Maureen Cleave is the author. The Beatles set the standard, they were the best. I will Never forget it. So sweet Loretta from Liverpool, next time you and your band decide to play on top of the roof tops again take your own paint ball guns to defend yourselves against the "Blue Meanies" like Stanley Davis. Turn them into Rainbows! God BlessJohn - Eugene, Or
Atleast The Beatles made one song about Pakistanis :) :pAhmed - Karachi, Pakistan
the beatles were very war criticial they haded it. they thought war was horrible and when they wrote and played this song it was like saying to england that they werent just mad at americain (revoulition)Jake - Quakertown, Pa
I think Get Back is a great driving back to basics kind of rock and roll song and proves why the Beatles even on the verge of breaking up were still the best band.In answer to the question by Mike in AL, yes,John did like many of Paul's songs,in particular Got To Get You Into My Life and Here,There,And Everywhere,in which John stated that he believed this was the greatest of all Beatles songs.Also I like what Alex in MI said,that all the Beatles were great and ought not to be compared to one another,they all basically contributed equally.George - Belleville, Nj
For the first decade of 21st century...2000-2009 The Beatles One CD sold more than any other group. Over 11 Million Copies.Mark - Seattle, Wa
I agree so much Loretta from Liverpool so maybe im looney too :) So glad the cameras captured to organic and fun performance of 'get back' (and the other tunes) on the roof. John's lead is just delicious! It's as if he said to Paul when they start rehearsing in the studio, 'I'll handle the lead for this one brother' His grindy, bendy, rapid lead bits, whilst still crunching out the rhythm in the verses,(for me) takes this song into classic status.

Ringo's galloping drums fusing with Paul's driving bass and Georges crunchy rhythm all done LIVE is just awesome. I get tingles watching it even now 40 years after it was first performed!
Wilbur - Wodonga, Australia
Sweet Loretta Martin is a play on words alluding to comedian Marty Feldman's wife Loretta who was, er, rather manish.... Absolute truth.Jim - Nyc, Ny
The Get Back song is a perfect example of the Beatles performance capacity..Musically speaking that is not a great song.The lyrics are simple, almost nothing and the compasses follows the very basic rock and roll formula.
But the results!!!What a sensation.This song hit number 1 in many countries and have been covered many times.
But the results of the covers are disapointing , pathetic.
As an example [ I am writing from Brazil] one of the most brilliant and creative brasilian rock stars -Lulu Santos - have covered Get Back [calle here " De Leve "].The result is poor, it is almost difficult to identify the original song.It is because only the Beatles could take a song like Get Back and perform it to be a complete knock-dow performance, something that catchs you forever and cannot be reproduced.Remember the openning riffs [A major ] and the continuos crescendos that once heard, catch you forever.
And for those who say it is a studium trick , just see the Roof-Top performance to prove that saying: whoever that knows how to do, do it live!
Thank you.
John - Sao Paulo, Brazil
i love paul's voice and the sounds he makes. i think he had every right to glance at yoko. i mean it's great john meet her, but she was with him literally 24 7. paul probably just wanted is pal back.Tay - San Diego, Ca
The album, which became "Let It Be" was orginally to be titled "Get Back with Don't Let Me Down and 12 other songs", as a play on the offical title of their first British LP: "Please Please Me with Love Me Do and 12 other songs". The Beatles even re-posed on the same balcony at the EMI building, as they did in 1962. That later photograph was used on their "1967-70" greatest hits LP.Ken - Louisville, Ky
The missing verse from Get Back: "Meanwhile back at home there's nineteen Pakistanis,
Living in a council flat/ Candidate for Labour tells them what the plan is/Then he tells them where its at". ("Council flat" is the British equivilent for "housing project").
Ken - Louisville, Ky
I thought John said "Sweet Loretta Fart, she thought she was a cleaner, but she was a frying pan." You can also here Paul saying at the beginning of the Let It Be album version, "Rosetta...sweet Rosetta Martin...Rosetta..." and John saying "Well, pick it...pick that...Picture the fingers going" and a 1-2-3-4 count-in. At the end of this version, John says "I'd like to say thank you on behalf of the group, and I hope we passed the audition!"Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
I was watching Get Back on a video of when The Beatles sang on the Rooftop. It was pretty amazing and got me hooked on this song. Although the moment was ruined momentarily when the camera man focused on Yoko...nasty, man. I always think of The Ring and The Grudge movies when I see her...Sara - Victoria, Bc
I saw Love Cirque du Solei in Vegas. It starts with the Beatles, in silhuoette, playing this song on the big screen. At that moment I said to myself, these were the greatest m*&^ther f@#%$rs on the planet. Still send chills down my spine.Mitch - Hayden, Id
Any way I can get the raw original (Pakistani) lyrics? Please email to cyberpope67(at)yahoo(dot)comCyberpope - Richmond, Canada
The song was indeed written about Pakistanis. Especially as they took over just about every taxi(cab), bus conductor and train station job. It was almost impossible to understand a word they said over the P.A., particularly when you wanted to know what train to catch. Paul really toned the original lyrics down. As far as Paul having a dig at Yoko. Well who really knows? We all have our opinions on how we felt about the Beatles at the time. I certainly didn't think I liked her until she opened her mouth, and then I knew I didn't like her. She should never have been allowed to sing. Chapman should have been jailed only for shooting the wrong person.Chris - Corowa, Australia
I like how they snicker on the line "Bought some California grass"Jack - Converse, Tx
A guy named Ken something runs a Rolling Stones and John Lennon and Keno's Classic Rock n Roll Site and he says that John shows in this song why he should have played lead guitar more often because he does such a good job!

He also says John played one of the first and best acid guitar parts on his hard rocking 1968 Beatles single,REvolution,and he also said he played a really good slide guitar on George's song For Your Blue.
Lucyinthesky - Philadelphia, Pa
In the famous rooftop concert, word was sent to the Beatles that they had to stop playing or they'd be arrested. They decided that would be the perfect end to the movie - them being arrested by London police. Since they finished the mini-set they had planned, they played "Get Back" two more times, waiting and hoping for the police to arrest them. Both Paul and Ringo later said they were quite disappointed that it didn't happen.Ken - Louisville, Ky
I have always loved this song. It's whimsical, in an English sort of way, but has a touch of melancholy. The advertising that billed it as "The Beatles the Way Nature Intended" makes me think that perhaps this expressed some yearnings that band members had, individually or collectively. I guess that John, Paul and George got to do that, at least to some extent, in their solo careers. Of course, Paul has had more time than the other two--we lost George too soon, and Paul way too soon!Musicmama - New York, Ny
Good song. If Paul did look at Yoko whe he sang "Get Back to where you once belong" it wouldn't surpise me. Him and Yoko didn't get along at all. There was quote by him thats say "I don't take any notice of her. She's John's wife so I have to respect her for that, but I don't think she's the brightest of buttons. She's said some particularly daft things in her time. Her life is dedicated to putting me down but I attempt very strongly not to put her down." But that good thing is they eventaully became friends even if it did have to be after John was murdered. Ringo was the only one who would accept Yoko in the beginning when she first came in picture during and after The Beatles.Krissy - Boston, Ma
Well, that stuff about Paul staring at Yoko while singing "Get Back" looks a little paranoid to me... However, if Yoko wasn't there every single time the Beatles played together, they (and we) all were beyond doubt.Stefano - Rome, Italy
Referring to the 12th "fact" on here...Paul McCartney also had a home in Tucson, Arizona. I think he's reffering to himself. That's just my opinion though.Mary - Phoenix, Az
Think of the fact that within a six month period the Beatles (Paul and John) wrote and recorded Hey Jude, Revolution, Get Back and Let it Be...amazing. Of these, Get Back and Revolution are heavily guitar-based with John playing lead guitar on both. I always liked the single version with the coda.Doug - Vernon, Canada
Get Back is the Beatles Best song everAlex - Clarksburg, In
The Beatles Were The Best Band to ever play.Alex - Clarksburg, In
I've always wondered if the name Loretto Martin had some relationship to their usual producer George Martin. Does anybody out there know if this was some kind of inside joke?John - New Orleans, La
To answer your question Mike, John liked a few of Paul's songs like The Fool on the Hill, For No One, as well as songs the two of them wrote like Baby you're a Rich Man, and A Day in the Life.Will - Midland, Mi
i love this song so muchMichelle - Minesota, Mn
Probably the Beatles best song. Did John ever like any of Paul's music ?Mike - Hueytown , Al
Idk I was pretty sure thats how every single person on earth says "Arizona". Unless ur retarded or something.Buzz - Towntown, Mi
I always thought it was weird the way Paul said "Arizona". But I do love this song.Anonymous
R.I.P. Billy PrestonKyle - Slatington, Pa
I've read down the comments&I noticed that everyone is saying their opinions like they're facts. Did you not learn the difference between fact&opinion in 1st grade or somthing?
Flat out ignorance.
Just because you like it one way, does not mean thats the only way.
Nicole - Cleveland, Oh
The first verse is about a man who travels to California to buy marijuana, often called grass. The second verse is a playful jab at George, who had a brief fling with a transsexual. I heard a bootleg of the Let It Be practice sessions and the group played a satirical Pakistani bashing song which never made it on the album.Zoloft - Milton, Wv
McCartney was a little stubborn through this but as I say he was growing out of the beatles.
I must add that Paul McCartney could do it alone with Ringo (let it be naked) only because he contributed the most in here. Fine, disagree with me but thats what I believe,
Buzz - Hamilton
Geez, what's with the Paul-bashing here? I'm a 100% Beatles fan. I'm sure that Beatles fans like ALL Beatles, not pick and choose who's better than who. They were brilliant musicians who just didn't get along in the end. Paul was a great musician, John was a great musician, George was a great musician, and Ringo was too even though he didn't write his own stuff 'till he went solo. Enough with the bashing here people, they were all great and deserve a great respect for what they accomplished.Alex - Grand Blanc, Mi
Loretta from Liverpool, it is not George's solo. It is John who does the guitar phrasing on this song. Some camera work on the roof top concert displays the guitar work by Lennon, as George does the 'chording'. Incidentally, John does the guitar solo on the live version of 'You Can't Do That' on The Anthology series (Vol. 4(?)). You can clearly see Harrison just chording, so it is Lennon who is doing the licks off camera. The camera is on George and Paul as they sing their parts doing the solo.Brian - Sydney, Canada
The part about Loretta Martin in this song always reminds me of the Holly character in Lou Reed's 'Walk On The Wild Side.' The lines are sort of similar... "Holly came from Miama F.L.A., hitchiked all the way across the USA, plucked her eyebrows on the way, shaved her legs then he was a she, she said 'hey babe, take a walk on the wild side.'"Katie - Somewhere, Nj
The break-up was because Paul wanted his father-in-law to be their manager and the others disagreed. (see The Beatles Anthology)
Phil Spector's sound of wall didn't last long and even Tina Turner didn't her recording with Phil.
The Beatles didn't like the way it had turned out so who's to say it was better?
Ringo...a lot has been said about him and not all good but why not visit his homepage and see what John, Paul and George said about him. He was the anchor, didn't take sides, and his drumming is fabulous.
Yoko was certainly not the reason of the break-up and she deserves as much respect as anyone else. She was John's love and wife, the mother of his child. Granted that she caused negatives vibes, John loved her his way and that should be respected as well. Their marriage endured and that's a rarity among celebrities.
The Beatles were a band and that's how they should be seen. It's no use to start analyzing each individual because they played as a band. Why not just enjoy their music.
Taike - Lungtan, Taiwan
John and Yoko always claimed Paul stared at her while singing "Get Back", no one else seems to remember that. In the final interview he ever gave, John again asserted it was true, but conceded that Paul would say he was being paranoid. Seeing as every other accusation John made he made without any disclaimer, I think it's fair to say that even John isn't 100% sure that Paul was thinking of Yoko while singing "Get Back"Tom - Newark, De
When I say that for me Phil Spector's version is better I only express my personal opinion and I don't remember I insulted someone. The only thing I can say is that for me Phil Spector is the best and that I love his famous "Wall of Sound"; you may have an other opinion, no problem for me.Teresa - Mechelen, Belgium
Yoko was not the ONLY reason the Beatles broke up. It was also Paul taking over the group. I'm sorry Teresa, but Paul's version of Across the Iniverse is sooooo much better then Phil Specter's. Why do you insult Ringo Anders. He and Phil Specter were very different. Stop That. Kirk, that is because Ringo did not get in the way of production. I'm suprised John & George didn't let him play on Let It Be, or maybe the just didn't want him (bastards for that). I just really wish people would stop dissing Ringo.Johnny - Los Angeles, Ca
This is an interesting song in that it went through so many meanings and context filters before it was finally pressed. According to one of the song facts, it was originally about immigration, then Linda McCartbey's ex...then about the Beatles getting back to basics. What it ended up being was something completely different from all three subjects: a testiment to how professional the Bealtes really were in stressful times, making it appear as though they were having fun TOGETHER.Kevin Murphy - Ridgewood, Nj
I was listening to Get Back (single version) and I noticed some talking in the backround. It comes right after Paul sings "ooh, oh" (2:30 into the song). It is very faint but you can hear it if you turn the volume up. It sounds like the person is saying, "It's known as the black notice". I can't figure out what that means. Listen to it and see what you think.Mike - New York, Ny
Regarding the main cause of the breakup....
McCartney wanted to run the show as a pseudo-manager and unofficial producer. Note George's annoyance with Mac during Let It Be: "I'll play how you want me to play, or if you want I won't play at all..."
Years later, John's chauffeur in New York was quoted as saying, "John told me that he loved Paul like a brother, but that he didn't like him..."
Doug - Lake Mary, Fl
Maby you're right Stefanie, personally I like
"Let it be" from the Beatles(version Spector) and
"Imagine" from John Lennon(co-produced by Spector)
very much and I consider Phil Spector as a talented producer and songwriter.
Teresa - Mechelen, Belgium
I like the song, but WHY must everyone turn it into something bad?!!Sylvia - London, England
I think Paul played it at the Super Bowl as a joke. He was obviously hired to be a "safer" choice, someone who wouldn't do anything like Janet Jackson did the year before. Instead he plays a song about smoking weed and cross dressing, and all the exec's sang along.Steve - Troy, Ny
Is Loretta a transexual?Ryan - Kansas City, Mo
Phil Spector not only made a brilliant career as a producer but he also was a very talentful songwriter. I consider "Let it be" a good album but MacCartney didn't and still don't like it; that's why he made "Let it be ... naked" in 2003.
Never understood why, I suppose it's because John Lennon prefered Spector to do this album, anyway it's sad to behave like Mac did.
Teresa - Mechelen, Belgium
How can you even begin to compare Spector to McCartney? Paul and Lennon as a duo stand quite alone on a pillar as the most influential songwriters in music history.

Spector made a good career for himself as a producer, but there is no way he compares to any of the Beatles save Ringo.
Anders - Copenhagen, Denmark
I gotta agree with Kirk. There was a lot of fuding between the Beatles in their later years.Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
This song has an awsome beatMauricio - Hanford, Ca
In reference to yiota, I would say that that isn't really true...Paul was pretty controlling of the group after Epstein died. They all seemed to fued with each other though...the only Beatle all the others seemed to like was Ringo.Kirk - Calgary, Canada
How is it possible; Paul MacCartney waiting John and George aren't there any more to do "Let it be...Naked". John and George worked with Phil Spector during their solo career, because they considered Spector als the best. MacCartney, go on for years and years, you will never have the great talent Phil Spector has. "Let it be" a super good Spector opus.Teresa - Mechelen, Belgium
This song was intended for an album to be called "The Beatles Get Back", to emphsize that they would use no "studio tricks" on the recordings. The cover was a photograh staged the same way the Beatles posed for a 1963 English publicity picture - only this time they had long hair, beards, moustaches and hippy clothes. That photograph was later used for their "Greatest Hits 1967-70" compilation LP.Ken - Louisville, Ky
wat does 'she thought she was a woman but she was another man' mean?Kenny - Baltimore, Md
My band played this on the roof of the music building at my college, and a guy came up to us with a paintball gun and said he'd shoot if we didn't shut the hell up. We shut the hell up. (I wouldn't have minded getting painted, but my precious Epiphone Casino (1965 Revolution reissue) might have.)Loretta - Liverpool, England
I hear it now. I guess I thought that the keyboard part was actually George's guitar part. oopsidoodle.

And there were actually four performances on the roof. There was a warm up version, which was dreadful. Then there was a second one, which was sloppy, but spirited. The third is, arguably, the best, with paul giving a little tug on his bass before he count in. Billy Preston flubbed his solo, which is the only error I hear in it. The third was bland, but sweet, and then the fourth was the final one, which is the most spirited, though very sloppy.
Loretta - Liverpool, England
They performed this 3 times during there famous rooftop convert while in the last one George and John's amps get turned offJamie - Toronto, Canada
If you watch the video of them playing it on the rooftop, you'll see John and George trying to play but no sound, an overhead view shows George putting them back on.Jamie - Toronto, Canada
At the very end of the song you can hear Maureen Starkey clap loudly and scream "yay". Then Paul McCartney says "Thanks Mo", refering to her. At which point John Lennon, always so clever and off the cuff, says "On behalf of the group ourselves, I hope we passed the audition".Christopher - Greenfield Center, Ny
Loretta, there were two performances of Get Back in the rooftop set -- one at the beginning and one at the end. During the second one, someone turns off the guitar amps because the cops were there to shut the whole thing down. The amps are then turned back on and they finish the song.Henry - Victoria, Canada
That is funny, I never heard 'Thanks Mo' in the song, 'Get back'Jade - Chippewa Falls, Wi
haha, what paul did was quite hilarious. aww, poor yoko (that was sarcasm in case you couldn't tell from mere words)Natasha - Chico, Ca
It's odd that John Lennon would say that this is a rewrite of Lady Madonna. They don't sound alike to me in the slightest!Loretta - Liverpool, England
In the Anthology 3 booklet, it says that John and George's amps went out during the rooftop version, but I can hear both guitars throughout the entire rooftop version. Is the booklet wrong or did someone take the tapes from the the live performance and do some sweet dubbing for the anthology?Loretta - Liverpool, England
i love the rooftop version, and think that the studio version is so lifeless. i know it's live, but there just isn't as much to it. it is live, I know, but it is "controlled". I love the spontaneousness of the rooftop version. john slightly misses a few notes on his solo, paul ad-libs the spoken words during the keyboard solo, but all that is what makes a live performance great.

does anybody out there agree with me? people i know think i'm looney, so I'd like to know what you think.
Loretta - Liverpool, England
"Alan Civil" who played french horn on "For No One" on the Revolver album was the first non-Beatle to receive liner notes credit.Alan - New Baltimore, Mi
I think Paul had every right to look at Yoko when he sang the line "get back to where you once belong." She was the reason the Beatles werent around for a while more.Will - Roswell, Ga
Great song - it's cool to know that John plays all the leads!Mike - Jackson, Nj
JoJo was represented as John, and sweet Lauratta was supposed to represent Yoko. McCartney even passed glances to Yoko even on the Rooftop concert.Myles - Belfast, Ireland
The comments about no Pakistanis was a parody of a politician called Enoch Powell who was famous for his anti-immigration policies. It was a spontaneous lyric as the song was being written/rehearsed in the Let It Be sessions. Read/listen with irony alert!John - London, England
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