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I Can't Love You Back by Easton Corbin

Album: Easton CorbinReleased: 2010
  • This Carson Chamberlain, Clint Daniels and Jeff Hyde penned song has a universal message of loss. Corbin said: "When I heard the melody, I thought, 'that's a hit.' The song can mean different things for different people. She could have died, she could have left him—people can interpret it the way they feel."
  • The song was released as Corbin's third single. Easton was asked by The Boot what drew him to this ballad, when its a few paces off from his first two singles? "I've always loved sad songs," the singer explained. "For me, that's what Country music is all about. I didn't make it a point to make this a different direction. This song just happened to be. It's the only ballad on the record, and I love the song."
  • The song's music video was directed by Shaun Silva and tells the storyline backwards, starting with the woman in the car, and finally making her way to the bedroom. It could be argued that it brings the story to a close, but Easton doesn't agree. "I think it's still open ended," he told The Boot. "She could have been leaving the guy or she could have been just going to work and got run over by a truck. Anything can happen."
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