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C'Mon Everybody


Eddie Cochran

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In 1988, this became hit once again in the UK after it was used in a Levi's jeans commercial. It charted at #14 the second time. (thanks, Brad Wind - Miami, FL)
Cochran's biggest hit before his death. In 1960, he died in a car accident at age 21. A month after he was killed, his song "Three Steps To Heaven" was released and went to #1 in the UK.
The English band Humble Pie recorded this in 1973. The Sex Pistols covered this in 1979. It's on the soundtrack to their movie The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle.
Eddie Cochran
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Comments (9):

Love this song!:-)
- Anna, Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom
Love the Led Zep version from Royal Albert Hall. Cochran's original is pretty good too.
- Chad, Bath, PA
British hard rock band UFO also recorded "C'mon Everybody".It appears on the 1971 release 'Ufo 1' twice; one track studio and one track live.This album seems like it might be a collection of demo tracks.A few of the psychedelic rock covers are so badly recorded (and performed)that it is hard to listen to them without feeling embarassed for UFO. Who, in my opinion have been rocking hard (and well) for a long time since then!
- Mike, Victoria, B.C., Canada
The Ramones copped some of the hooks of this song for Suzy Is A Headbanger.
- fyodor, Denver, CO
Humble Pie covered this on Smokin'.
- Alan, Louisville, KY
I've always figured it was a remake; used to list to the Pistols skatin' around as a kid in the '70s. Used it on my blog to promote saving CBGB's. My biggest punk claim to fame: Interviewed and partied with the Minutemen, 1985.
- Christopher, Nashua , NH
Great tune. Always wondered why Eddie wasn't as big left of the pond as in England.
- Brian, Meriden, CT
Led Zeppelin covered this at The Royal Albert Hall in 1970 on their Led Zeppelin DVD.
- swansong200, Calhoun, GA
This song was first recorded by Eddie with somewhat different lyrics as "Let's Get Together."
- Mike, Youngstown, OH
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