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Somewhere Down the Road by Amy Grant

Album: Somewhere Down The RoadReleased: 2010
  • This is the title track of the nineteenth album by Christian music and Pop music singer-songwriter Amy Grant. The song was originally part of "Takes a Little Time," a maxi single released by the singer in 1997 and was written by her as a tribute to the late Christian singer-songwriter Rich Mullins. Grant explained why she chose this as the title track: "I am personally moved by the concept of our journey through life and because of all the years that have come before, I find myself in a unique and somewhat rare position to be able to sing about that journey, and that's an opportunity I don't want to miss."
  • Somewhere Down the Road features six brand new songs, along with two previously unreleased tunes and a brand new recording of the classic oldie "Arms of Love," rounded out with three of Grant's previously released story-songs.
  • The CD's cover art features a painting by Grant. She told The Boot: "It was just a little path through some trees and I had [inscribed] 'Every road that's traveled, teaches something new.' It just fit to me. It's at least 10-years-old. I'm sure I did it on the road. I take paint on the road with me. I'm not any good, but it doesn't even matter, especially if you're just painting something out of your head. Who is going to know if it doesn't look like the picture?"
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