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Easier Said Than Done by The Essex

Album: Easier Said Than DoneReleased: 1963Charted:
  • The group consisted of five Marines stationed at Camp LeJeune. The four male members were present at the formation of the group, then recruited lead singer Anita Humes after hearing her sing at the NCO club.
  • This was co-written by another Marine stationed at Camp LeJeune, William Linton, who explained: "I was working in the communication department. We had a bunch of teletype machines, and when they were all running together, they had a beat. The sound of the teletype machines inspired the beat of 'Easier Said Than Done.'"
  • The group thought that the A-side of their first single was going to be "Are You Going My Way," as the bulk of the studio time alloted to them was dedicated to recording that song - they recorded "Easier Said Than Done" in less than five minutes.
  • The recording of "Easier Said Than Done" that the group made at the end of the session was so short that parts of the song had to be spliced together to produce a finished, longer, master recording.
  • The group did not like the song at all - they recorded it as a favor to their friend Linton. They also didn't like the followup, the #12 "A Walkin' Miracle," which used the same beat and chords. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Brad Wind - Miami, FL, for all above
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Comments: 26

I was stationed with William Linton in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina in 1963. We shared the same barracks. In fact our bunks were right next to each other. "Easier Said Than Done" reflects, in my mind, every time I hear that Genre music. To me it was a classic, especially when all the members were right around me. Anita Hume was a real sweetheart, and none let the fame go to their head. I remember Linton as a quiet, unassuming individual. Besides being in the same barracks, we worked in the same teletype center, Marine Corps Base. I'd appreciate information if anyone knows of his whereabouts. Salvatore Misiano snm2115@yahoo.comSalvatore Misiano - Stuart, Florida
Back in '63 I was in the 8th grade & bought this 45 rpm single. Loved the uptempo song. There was a lot of competition on the record charts at the time this was popular in 1963 too. The Essex were in the Marines & couldn't perform on music venues so easily like other music stars. I recall the charts had big hits by The Orlons, The 4 Seasons, Jan & Dean, The Beach Boys, Chubby Checker, Elvis, & The Crystals. This is a great perky song. I read some comments on this site about not hearing it so often on oldies stations. Well, I've heard it a lot in my area. I guess it just depends on which region of the nation you live in. My girlfriend Olive Pickles (she was known in high school as "Pickles") back in '63 owned this record too and unfortunately she tried to sing this song a lot or hum it. She was tone-deaf and couldn't sing at all. In fact, her singing was self-described as "calling the hogs." I don't really know what happened to The Essex after their popularity ended . Anyone know? Whenever a lot of these "golden oldies of the Sixties" documentaries shows up on TV like on PBS-TV, you never do see The Essex in any of those shows. Well, anyway, whenever I hear the song again on satellite radio's oldies stations, I think fondly of my girlfriend "Pickles" and her singing voice.Rocky - Fort Smith, Ar
Hi Billy and Grace, Happy New Year to both of you. We are all good here down under Sorry but we have rang but don't get you. can you please email us on jennyb@rocketimports.com.au Take care and we hope to be in the USA next year Love John and Jenny SmithJenny - Brisbane, Australia
Hi John and Jenny, Great to hear from you. Hope all is well! Yes we remember Las Vegas, we have been married 8 years this pass May. I tried to email you , but it came back. Our home phone is still the same, is yours? Billy says Hello. Keep in Touch.....Grace - East Windsor, Nj
I was 9 y/o...the surfing music was coming, "Easier said than Done" had a good beat -Superman,Batman , Green Lantern , Fantastic 4 all took backseat to this catchy song - I was in the groove!Ro - San Antonio, Tx
Hi Grace

Decided to look you up as we have lost contact with you over the years.

Hope you and Billy are doing well.

Remember Vegas? Would love to catch up with you again

John and Jenny Smith -Australia
Jenny - Brisbane, Australia
Hi Grace,

I was disappointed that I never heard back from you. Is it possible that your husband Willie does not remember me? I don't think that he sang in the shower with too many 6'-5" "string beans" while he was stationed in Sukran, Okinawa. My email is Marinecplh@comcast.net
Harry - Port Charlotte, Fl
Pete, if you think the "male backup singer is seriously off-key" you may want to check out a band of the same time-period called the Beatles. They were able to carve a rather successful few years out of this kind of "off-key" harmonizationRobert - Fox River Grove, Il
I love this song. Before I started dating my husband I heard this song on the oldies station, it always brought him to mind. By the way, I do not think the back up singer is off-key at all.Veronica - Albany, Or
Pete from NY, NY, There were 3 male back-up singers in the "Essex" and the recording methods of era, were that everyone was in the studio at the same time, which meant that lesser mistakes were tolerated. The barotone was louder than the rest of the background, but is not off key with cord being played .. Billy HillGrace - East Windsor, Nj
Brad Wind, "Are You Going My Way" was the A side, and "Easier Said Than Done" was the B side which took 20 mins to record... "Easier Said Than Done" was so well rehearsed , that no splicing was necessary.Grace - East Windsor, Nj
Radical Russ ," Easier Said than Done" was recorded in NYC at Bell Sound studio. The members of the "Essex " were Walter Victors, Anita Humes, Rudy Johnson, Rodney Taylor, and Billy Hill. None were drummers and the musicians were unknow to us... wife of Billy Hill, original member of the Essex...Grace - East Windsor, Nj
I am the niece of Rodney Taylor who was the drummer in the group. I love the songs they sang. My favorite is Walking Miracle. I don't have the albums anymore because my house burnt down. It is nice to see that memebers of the band are still alive.Cathy - Indianapolis, In
Hi Grace. I haven't checked the website for a while and was so happy to hear from you. I would like to make contact with Willie, but don't know how to do that other than on this site. I am open to suggestions. 1-6-09 From FloridaHarry - Port Charlotte, Fl
I first heard this song as a boy of 7 years old. It actually helped shape my thoughts about love and how to treat a lady. The Essex was a magnificent group. To this day I adore Anita Humes' voice.Jim - Danville, Il, Il
Hi Gwen, Anita Humes is still living in Harrisburg PA. She did the PBS show in Pittsburg with Billy and Rudy they are part of the orignal group "The Essex"Grace - East Windsor, Nj
Hi Harry Belford, I know Willie Hill very well, he is my husband! I will tell him about this when he wakes up! Keep in touch! 9-10-08 from NJGrace - East Windsor, Nj
I was stationed with Willie Hill on Okinawa during 1963. We spent a lot of time harmonizing in the shower room which had excellent acoustrics. I would like very much to be able to get a hold of him if anyone knows how to contact him. I know the group was part of a do-op show on PBS not too long ago.
Harry Belford, Port Charlotte, Florida
Harry - Port Charlotte, Fl
hey, finally caught up with you, tracy i am larry's sunt from ky every time i hear the song easier said than done it brings me back to the time when I was young and makes me remember how excited I was to be in love i got the song on record and cd i am anxious, that song was also in a play in austin, texas i would have loved to been able to get copy of playBrenda - Lancaster, Ky
I was in the women marines with anita humes and would love to know what ever happened to her. can anyone help?? gwenGwen - Phila, Pa
This was the frist 45 that I ever had, I'll never forget when I got it July 1963 it was the number 1 in the country. Is Ms Humes still alive and if so where is she, I would love to meet her either on-line or in person. - Gary, Huntington, West VirginiaGary - Huntington, Wv
I've heard this song a few times on oldies stations.Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
Great tune, but the male backup singer is seriously off-key. Check it out.Pete - Ny, Ny
My dad, Marine Larry Huff, was co-author of "Easier said than Done. Look on the record lable - it says "Huff - Linton".Tracy - Saratoga, Ny
This song is rarely heard on oldies radio, it's not often included in 'Soundtrack of the 60's' kind of compilations. And why is that? This is a really great song and has such a 60's sound to it. Forget the other 'girl bands' and their one hit wonders and give this song a listen.Roger - Vancouver, Canada
Please help! My father played drums in a studio in LA for a 60's single; I'm trying to confirm if it was this one. His name is John Belville.

Who were the members of this group? Was one a drummer? Did they have any other studio musicians on the track?

Contact me at http://www.radicalruss.net
Radicalruss - Beaverton, Or
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