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Heart Heart Heartbreak by Boys Like Girls

Album: Love DrunkReleased: 2009
  • This is the opening track and third single from American pop rock band Boys Like Girls' second album, Love Drunk. The band's self-titled debut set was an enormous success and frontman Martin Johnson was feeling the stress of trying to write its follow-up. He explained to MTV Asia that this song proved to be the breakthrough: "I think the pressure was when we were writing the record. We had a really hard time writing and recording the record. I was so scared, although it wasn't necessarily about the reviewers, it was about me finding musically where I wanted to be and what I wanted to share musically with my 3 best friends. I locked myself in my room and just wouldn't get out of bed. I was scared of myself, I was scared of the music, I was scared of what was gonna be created.
    And we went into the studio and I just kinda let it all go for the day and wrote a song called 'Heart, Heart, Heartbreak,' which is the opening track of Love Drunk and from then on it was like all the anxieties just went away. It was like 'Wow! We can take chances, we found this bigger, crazier sound that was really, truly IS Boys Like Girls.'
    After 3 years of touring, your sound changes a lot. You have to take these little songs that you used to play in tiny clubs and spread them and make them sound huge in an arena. I think that's how our sound morphed into this record. Now that the pressure's all gone, I think its fun."
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