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Something by The Beatles

Album: Abbey RoadReleased: 1969Charted:
  • This was released as a double A-side single with "Come Together." It was the only song written by George Harrison released as a single by The Beatles. They had used some of his songs as B-sides, including "The Inner Light" and "Old Brown Shoe."
  • Harrison wrote this during a break while they were working on The White Album. It was not recorded in time for the album, so Harrison gave this to Joe Cocker, but Cocker didn't release it until after The Beatles did.
  • This seemed to be inspired by Harrison's wife, Pattie, but he claimed he did not have anyone in mind when he wrote it. George was really into his studies of Krishna Consciousness when he wrote the song, and its original intent was as a devotion to Lord Krishna. In fact, the lyric was "something in the way HE moves," but George ended up changing it because he didn't want to be perceived as a "poof."

    Pattie did inspire "Layla" when Eric Clapton realized he loved her a few years later. She and Clapton were married from 1979-1988 (he also wrote "Wonderful Tonight" for her).

    In her 2007 book Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me, Pattie Boyd wrote: "George wrote a song called 'Something.' He told me in a matter-of-fact way that he had written it for me. I thought it was beautiful and it turned out to be the most successful song he ever wrote, with more than 150 cover versions. George's favorite version was the one by James Brown. Mine was the one by George Harrison, which he played to me in our kitchen. But, in fact, by then our relationship was in trouble. Since a trip to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's ashram in India in 1968, George had become obsessive about meditation. He was also sometimes withdrawn and depressed."
  • Harrison came up with the title and the first line after listening to a James Taylor song called "Something In The Way She Moves." Taylor was signed to Apple Records (The Beatles' label) at the time.
  • This is the only song on the Beatles 1 album that was not a #1 hit on its own in the US or UK. "Something" and "Come Together" spent one week at #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart when the compilers of the chart changed its ranking method and stopped giving separate rankings for the two sides of a single. It was also gave Harrison representation among the 27 tracks. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Adrian - Wilmington, DE
  • Frank Sinatra called this "The greatest love song ever written." He often performed it in the '70s, at one point wrongly attributing it to Lennon and McCartney rather than Harrison.
  • Harrison had the first line, "Something in the way she moves," but had trouble coming up with the second. He considered "attracts me like a pomegranate," before coming up with "attracts me like no other lover."
  • This was used in a commercial for Chrysler cars in 1987.
  • With at least 200 cover versions on record, this is the second-most-covered Beatles song; only "Yesterday" has been covered more.
  • John Lennon said that this was his favorite song on Abbey Road.
  • Harrison wrote this on a piano. The Beatles often composed and recorded separately at this time.
  • Harrison pictured Ray Charles on vocals when he wrote this. Charles did eventually cover it.
  • With 21 string players used in overdubs, this ended up being one of the most orchestral Beatles songs. This sound made it a staple of light rock radio and, in bowlderized instrumental form, Muzak.
  • Before this was edited down, it contained a long instrumental tag at the end. >>
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    Barry Kesten - Bellmore, United States
  • Harrison chastised McCartney for being too active with his bass lines in this song. In the past, Paul had always been very critical of George's guitar playing on his songs. >>
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    Adrian - Wilmington, DE
  • Dave Grohl, a former member of Nirvana and leader of The Foo Fighters, recorded a tribute song to Harrison on the Foo's first album called "Oh, George" based on the guitar lead to this. Harrison was Grohl's favorite Beatle, and this was one of the first leads he learned to play on guitar.
  • As a tribute to George Harrison, Paul McCartney played a version of this on his 2002 tour using a ukulele George had given him.
  • Jeff Lynne, Joe Walsh and Dhani Harrison performed this song on the CBS special The Beatles: The Night That Changed America. The show featured Grammy-winning performers covering Beatles songs; it aired on February 9, 2014 - the 50th anniversary of the group's first Ed Sullivan Show appearance.
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Comments: 85

Memphis group the Booker T. & M.G.s made a tribute album titled "McLemore Avenue" in homage to the Beatles' work "Abbey Road" in 1970. It was mostly instrumental covers of songs from the album (released only months earlier, in September 1969) and performed quite good.Calvin - Usa
On October 12th 1969, "Something" by the Beatles entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #20, the record's flip-side, "Come Together" entered the chart on the same day at #23...
And on December 16th, 1969 Billboard had "Something" at #3 while "Come Together" was at #7; the following week the magazine had them sharing the #1 position {for 1 week}...
R.I.P John and George.
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
Anyone who thinks that Paul wrote this song is literally clueless about Beatles history. Paul was actually notorious for NOT offering George any help with his songs. John would contribute an odd line here and there (on Taxman for example). But this song is 100% George. By the way...Frank Sinatra initially and erroneously called this song the "greatest Lennon-McCartney love song" ooops Frank!Oscar - Boston, Nh
Lets not forget George Martins great production. You might say he was the 5th Beatle.Jim - West Palm Beach, Fl
Most people think that Harrisons Something and Here Comes the Sun, and Lennons Come Together and Because are the best songs in Abbey Road. In spite of that McCartney still gave the impression that he wrote everything. That led to the split. See David Wiggs interview with him in March 1970.
Ned Rorem wrote in New York Review of Books January 1968, that McCartney composed
all Beatles music. The same was written in Readers Digest 1968
and in The Penguin Stereo Record Guide, first edition and many many others places. Scandalous.
Johan - Stockholm, Sweden
During the guitar solo, George can be heard "doo doo doo doo"ing along. You can only hear it if you happen to get your hands on a multitrack copy of the song.B - Acton, Tx
This is such a classic! Nothing but the best from George!Megan - Stevenson, Al
Dan, GEORGE wrote this song. Ok so anyway anyone else think the line "Something in the things she shows me" is a little dirty? I mean in Across the Universe when Jude sings that line they show Lucy from the waist up naked, a bit dirty don't ya think? Just had to say that.Breanna - Henderson, Nv
I am a big Beatles fan and a big George Harrison fan but I do not like this song.This is a very overrated song .Here Comes the sun is much better as are Taxman While my guitar gently weeps If I needed someone and many other Harrison tunes.I find this song to be boring.This is the kind of Beatles song that someone from a pre Beatles generation would like because it is "Safe" and boring.Frank Sinatra said this was his favorite Beatles song.That in its' self should be an indication of how boring it is.Brian - Boston, Ma
Nirvana has a song on NEVERMIND called Something in the Way. When Kurt Cobain sings the line "Something in the Way" the music and lyrics are very Beatles-esque.Kenny - Remsenburg, Ny
Okay, I'm starting to get annoyed with all this "play it backwards" crap. You either have a problem listening to it the right way, or you're ridiculously stupid. You honestly need to get a life if all you do is tear up a song to find some nonexistent conspiracy.K - Nowhere, On
Jimmy Page wrote the rain song because harrison said Zeppelin never whote any ballads. The first few Chords to the rain song are the same as something. Page u funny guy! great songNick - Seattle, Albania
Very pretty song all on its own - and then that throbbing bass line gives it oomph and heat and sex. :)Bobbi - Newington, Ct
I got married in 08 and even tho the song is an oldie, it is hauntingly beautiful, and my husband and i love it, so this is the song we danced our first dance to. i dont care what it means, i dont care what the beatles thought or what they meant or who it is about. it is just beautiful.Lisa - Eveleth, Mn
First of all, Madison from Moscow, it's CROWLEY, if you're going to use it, at least make sure you get the name right. Secondly, yes, he's on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, along with 50+ other celebrities and figures from history, including some bad ones. Hell, they wanted to put Hitler in there, but they decided to draw the line at that one.Jake - Albuquerque, Nm
Beautifully constructed song. Timeless. I adore how George is describing the person he loves as almost "supernatural." I would have loved to be the individual he was writing about.Tracy - Tulsa, Ok
what the hell, madison from moscow? ive heard plenty of wierd theories about the beatles, but theyre satan worshippers?!!Chloe - St. Louis, Mo
The Fab Four made scores of excellent songs, but this one takes the biscuit.
Nice singing, and George's beautiful note bending is so tranquil.
Fabulous work, George, wherever you are.
Oldpink - New Castle, In
I love this song! Maybe my favorite beatles song.Rosario - Naples, Fl
something to me is a classic love song for the ages

harrison your a genius
Layla - Dc, Dc
The Beatles backmask. They follow a man named Aleister Crawley, the author of "The Book of the Law" and founder of modern day satanism. On one of their albums, you can actually see him standing in the top left corner. I have researched this and heard it backmasked. It's not something that someone made up. You need to research what you listen too.Madison - Moscow, Malaysia
According to Frank Sinatra, this was the most beautiful love song ever written. coming from him I guess that is really saying something. I do agree though, this is one beautiful song.Dawn - Worcester, Ma
No one realized it at the time, but the Beatles were busy saying goodbye, and this single ("Something" b/w "Come Together") described a typical -- yet still thrilling -- dichotomy of doubt and assurance. John's dark Chuck Berry homage, a muddy and ominous bit of wordplay, managed to create harmony where there was none, while George's coming-of-age a-side, a breathy sigh unparalleled in pop, wrestled with doubt discovered inside a transforming joy.Bertrand - Paris, France
This is one of the most genuinely beautiful songs I have ever heard in my life! The words are amazing and the music makes me smile. This is George at his romantic best!Meredith - Wauwatosa, Wi
Dan, just to get the record straight, GEORGE WROTE THIS SONG, NOT PAUL... This is my favorite song of all time, the best love song ever written, and the best Beatle's song I have to say... To John Dylan, do you have any idea how many songs have that Maj-Maj7-7 progression??? Just because "Real Love" has that same progression doesn't mean that one is the copy of the other... And "Something" is not in C, it's in B flat, duh...Chinchu - Guayaquil, South America
Three years ago, I was in a supermarche in Paris. This song played over the PA system. Without any intention on my part, my walk and body movements began to synchronize themselves to the rhythm of this song. My skirt swirled softly around my hips as my wedge-heeled sandals treaded the floor. Soon, it seemed that every man in that store was turning his head to watch me. As the song ended, I sashayed out the store and men along that street were stopping and turning their heads.

Whenever I want to feel sexy, I play that song, whether on my stereo or in my head. And when a man is sexy, I simply change the feminine pronouns to masculine ones and sing it. Even though I can't sing, it works like a charm!
Musicmama - New York, Ny
The solo work done by George after the Beatles' breakup shows how talented he really was. Maybe the Paul/John thing was because they could whip out the songs faster as they did with A Hard Day's Night.Mitz - Sumter, Sc
Try backmasking this song you would clearly hear hidden messages.Dave - Cebu, Peru
George did an amazing job on this song! He has such an amazing voice and the song it perfect for him. He sung it will great power and will. It was just beautiful.Krissy - Boston, Ma
In the music video for this, it involved the beatles with their girfriends/wives.Krista - Elyria, Oh
No... please don't tell me Taylor Hicks sung this song.... NOOOO!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! I can't even imagine what would happen to me if I heard even one second of it. I'm sure my ear drums would explode and my brains would fly everywhere. But w/e.. i dont really know taylor hicks.. maybe he's cool, he just seems sorta like a homo, can anyone agree with me? He's just so gay looking.Poop - Poopville, Mo
Contrary to popular belief, the song was written for the hindu g-d krishna, not harrison's first wife, pattie boyd. He (harrison) changed all of the pronouns to the feminiene forms, considering krishna is a boy. this explains the depth of the song, considering it was written during harrison's practice of hinduismJulia - Newark, De
John Paul George and Ringo were all gifted creators of music. This song shines as George's best. The world is lucky these four guys met each other.John - Capo Beach, Ca
I could see how someone would think that George Harrison was the best composer in the Beatles, but only if the only CD that person owned by the Beatles was Abbey Rd. Something and Here Comes the Sun are arguably the two best individual songs on Abbey Rd. Given how great Abbey Rd is, that is quite an accomplishment by George. But if you branch out to the other Beatles
CDs, it's not even close. Lennon/McCartney aren't just the best in the Beatles, they are the best anywhere.
Steve - Fenton, Mo
man the ending to this song always gives me goosebumpsKevin - Quebec, Canada
This is no doubt one of the best love songs the Beatles. Not saying I don't like the Beatles early more poppy love songs. But I'm really attached to this on. It's so sophisticated. And great guitaring to it. And that's what I like about Abbey Road, it has very good guitaring! gotta get this albumCameron - Bainsville, Canada
The Beatles did not like Capitol's tendancy to pull album tracks as U.S. singles, since they felt this required fans to pay twice for the same song. When they re-signed in 1967, they insisted that practice be stopped, so no U.S. singles were issued from "Sgt. Pepper" or "The Beatles" (White Album). But after Alan Klein took over their management in 1969, he convinced John, George and Ringo to abandon this position and issue two "Abbey Road" tracks as a worldwide double A-sided single. Paul was outvoted on this.Ken - Louisville, Ky
A couple of misconceptions here. First, it was certainly NOT a McCartney song! It was Harrison through and through. He was forever desperate for lyrics, and this one sadly started as a rip-off from a James Taylor song, though it must be said that Harrison's is a lot better!
Secondly, his guitar solo is not on a slide guitar, though it is very fluid. The proof is when he did it live, he played it normally.
It always seemed odd to me that Harrison actually played very little slide guitar with The Beatles (I think the solo at the end of Come Together was an instance), but as soon as he went solo, he seemed to have a bottleneck surgically implanted in his left hand. So it sounds out of place on Free As A Bird and Real Love, imho. But hey, he was a Beatle playing on a Beatles record!!
John - Guildford, England
Excellent Song and Fantastic Bridge well written and well Produced Drumming fantastic Bass Line Phoenomenal. Great Lead lick in it all Slide Guitar. Harrison was a very underated guitarist.Frank - Las Vegas, Nv
I love the song because it has a cool slide guitar solo during the song. The slide guitar rift is just before George Harrison did his solo album All Things Must Pass a year later.Melissa - Fairborn, Oh
Paul McCartney did write this (cheers dan)
mccartney wrote this song while in india and gave it george to pollish off...
Ste - Manchester, England
Taylor Hicks' version of this could possibly be one of the worst moments in music history. I'm sorry, it just wasn't working for me.Spencer - Los Angeles, Ca
TAYLOR Hicks covered this on American Idol because SEACREST said it is on Billboard's Catalog chart. Evidently within the top 100.

I fell in love with this song ALL OVER AGAIN! Thanks TAYLOR HICKS!
Yen - Colorful, Co
Weston Hicks sang this on American Idol on a week where the song needed to be on todays top 40 chart. Does anyone know how it was possible?Nick - Boston , Ma
To me, this is one of the most romantic songs I have heard.Roberto - Las Cruces, Nm
this song illustrates not just what a good composer George was, but also that he was a an excellent arriagner and a virtuoso on the slide guitar. His style is very distinctive and original, often imitated but never copied fully. definiately was underused in the beatles and never got the airplay he deversed as a solo artist.Jim - North Billerica, Ma
My favourite song ever. Song that convinced me to live a music filled life. George your the best!!!
- Nick Lane, Australia
Ass - Asd, Ms
Frank Sinatra said this was the best song of its genre ever written and i, as indeed most, am inclined to agree with the fellow!Stephen - Bristol, England
Yer i also think Sgt.Peppers is over ratted. there are sum amazing songs on it bt as an album i dnt think its amazingBen - Portsmouth, England
Abbey Road and Rubber Soul far and above the two best Beatle albums ever. Even the Beatles felt "Sargent Peppler" was overrated.Alan - Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Now, I get what you're saying, but please. George definitely was a good writer, yes, but come on. You konw better than that. The Lennon-McCartney team could not be beat. & there are several writers that wrote better than George. However, George may have been more successful if their manager and producer had focused more on his talent, rather than the ever famous Paul/John team. And DAn from Albany? Shut up. You're wrong. George wrote this song. You weird person. This is definitely a George song. Not a Paul song. stupidface.Sarah - Pittsburgh, Pa
If you ask me, George is the reason the beatles broke up. Not his fault, but the fact that John and Paul couldn't live with the fact that George was the best song writer in the beatles. which is probably the reason that George had the best solo carear (admit it imagin sucked)Peter - Chicago, Il
Both great songs by the way, "Something" has a better baseline, better druming, and better chord structure, but "Real Love" wins in vocals, lyrics, and guitar work(on the '94 Threetals version).John Dylan - Blah, Ms
This song shares almost the same chord arrangment as John Lennons song "Real Love." They are in different keys, "Something" in C and "Real Love" in D. "Something" goes C Cmaj7 C7 F, and "Real Love" goes D Dmaj7/F#m D7 A+/Fsus4. They both basicly go Maj to Maj7 to a 7th. If you know the chords to "Something" capo at the second fret and play along with "Real Love." I'm not sure who ripped who off but my guess is Lennon ripped of Harrison.John Dylan - Blah, Ms
This wasn't John's favorite song on Abbey Road, another Harrison song, "Here comes the Sun" was his favorite.Tyler - Brantford, Canada
I also heard George was a bit annoyed at Paul's "busy" baseline, wanted him to tone it down a bit, but im glad he didn't. Paul may have been a pain in the ass to deal with but his bass playing is really great.Mark - Virginia Beach, Va
george harrison in a way was the unsung hero of the beatles and in my opinion he was the best songwriter of the beatlesMatt - Niagara Falls, Ny
According to a DVD tribute of George Harrison by the Hare Krishna people, this song is about Krishna (God), not about Harrison's then-wife Patti. The lyric - attracts me like no other lover - is a direct reference to Krishna, who is also called The All-Attractive One. One of the Hare Krishna guys said in the interview on the DVD that George had to make the subject of the song a woman or everyone would have thought of George as a "poof."Bill - Southeastern Part Of, Fl
Beautiful man. Beautiful song. If this was the only song I ever wrote in my life, I would die a happy man. I love this song.Ruben - Grove, Ok
George is a great songwriter, and this song is proof. He's also a great guitarist and doesn't get the recognition he deserves.Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
I LOVE this song. It's so simple. George was an amazing composer, and its a pity he didnt get the recognition he deserved. By far one of my two favorite Harrisong's, and in my top five beatles songsLaura - Lakeville, Mn
I've listened to this sound hundred of times down through the years. It is fabulous! Great melody. Great lyrics. Great arrangement. Great vocals. Great guitar solo. But my absolute favorite thing about this track is the bass line. It is so pretty and so melodic. Almost like a song all by itself.Bob - Mansfield, Tx
George was awesome. He didn't crave the spotlight too much he wrote great songs awesome guitarist. I love all of his songs. Totally underrated. I'm 12 anyone here remotely close to my age?Laura - Santa Fe, Nm
one of my favorite songs of all-time.
George RULES!!!!
Taylor - Austin, Tx
This song is great. It is about a woman named patti which her and george harrison were married. She then left george for eric clapton. After about three years the two divorced. Many great classic rock songs were inspired by her.This song is great man!Andrew - Seatle, Wa
George proved with this song and a few others like "Here comes the sun" and "While my guitar gently weeps" that he had as much talent as Lennon and McCartney but just was not as prolific as them. It I was to pick my all time 10 top Beatles records, Harrison would have at least 4 records in there. And this is a really beautiful song. Unfortunately Shirley Bassey murdered it when she released it in Britain!Steve - Liverpool, England
i think it's one of the best songs George wrote. The lyrics, the guitar, the melody... everything1 It's a great love song, and a beautiful one at that! I can definitely say that George was a great songwriter, and a very under-rated one! The song is very moving, and george is greatly missed here on earth.Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
i believe this song was actually written by mccartney, well most of it anyway. george only wrote alittle bit of of it. mccartmey wrote the rest and gave it to george and told him to put his name on it as if he did write itDan - Albany, Ny
"Harrison wrote this on a piano. The Beatles often composed and recorded separately at this time." That explains all the maj7 chords.Nessie - Sapporo, Japan
The greatest song by George. Turely a classic. I never get tired of hearing it. The lyrics, rythem, mood, the orchestra, and George's guitar solo fit perfectly in "the greatest love song in the world."Roman Garza - San Clemente, Ca
The temporary second line was "attracts me like a cauliflower".Mike - New Point, Va
THIS WAS RATED NUMBER 3 of all love songs by people magizineJow - Sasketoon, Canada
All I know is this song is great for someone who needs something in their life it's brilliant! I mean I love this song to death but I get mad at the fact that paul claim it was Patty's song.. well it was not thank god! It's a really good love song i wish someone would play it for me at the right time in the right place.Jude - Los Angeles, Ca
I love this song. One of my favourites from The Beatles.Ginette - Richmond Hill, Canada
ziv-this is a love song jeez i doubt george would but reverse messages in a balladTed - New York, Ny
George was a great composer, and this is one of his best.Loretta - Liverpool, England
I still miss George whenever I hear this.Alan - New Baltimore, Mi
Beautiful love song by one of the most underrated song writers ever. But we're missing the most important thing, play for this any woman any she's liquidified. Guaranteed you'll get laid.Ben - New York, Ny
When, and if you've ever really truely loved some one from the bottom of your heart the words of this song will make the tuffest man in the world shed a tear.i will always love my jewel,even though we can't be together right now...Nick - Buffalo, Ny
I think this is the greatest rock song ever......especially ballad. George Harrison was blessed by God, this is the most beautiful rock ballad ever.Sean - Stockton, Ca
when you play the chorus backwards it is spelled:
i belive in no one

i belive in the burning
Ziv - Ramat Efal, Israel
ya got me there Patrick, damm it ,but he still doesn't really say he loves anything?????Pete - Nowra, Australia
Yes, it does mention the word love. "You're asking me will my love grow? I don't know. don't know."Patrick - Boston, Ma
Actually it was hailed as one of the greatest love songs ever , but it doesn't mention the word lovePete - Nowra, Australia
Actually, "Something" and "Come Together" spent one week at #1 on "Billboard"'s Hot 100 when the compilers of the chart changed its ranking method and stopped giving separate rankings for the two sides of a single.Brad Wind - Miami, Fl
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