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I Only Wear Blue by Dr. Dog

Album: Shame, ShameReleased: 2010
  • Lead guitarist Scott McMicken does wear blue a lot. He explained the song to Express Night Out: "Well, it's kind of an apology. It's difficult to explain. For one, I do wear blue a lot, I've always felt most comfortable wearing blue and there was a point where I only wore blue for a while, but in the context of the song it's kind of like you have these experiences with people, particularly romantic experiences or something and they're meaningful to you and you love that person and you have no complaints and you have every bit of belief in them but there are certain aspects to you that can't advance for the sake of what that person needs, I guess. In my experience thus far and certainly in that song [it's] kind of finding it hard to commit - not at all in a way of being faithful to a person, not at all like that - but just in a greater sense to take something for granted. To have it in your life and to not analyze it too much and to be able to - through that - see a window into your future. For me it's an apology to anyone. I've thought about that song a lot, 'Who did I write this song to?' I didn't write it to anyone in particular and maybe I wrote it to myself in a way."
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