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Radar Detector by Darwin Deez

Album: Darwin DeezReleased: 2010Charted:
  • Darwin Deez are a New York based Indie folk band, who are named after the stage moniker of their main man Darwin Smith. This is their second single, and their first UK top 75 hit.
  • Darwin Smith told Gigwise about this song: "A radar detector is a device, illegal in some provinces, that alerts drivers to the presence of police radar in the vicinity. Drivers, in turn, use this information to modulate the speed of their spacecraft, you nawmsayin? I once fell in love with a girl who reminded me of a radar detector in the way that she constantly kept her eye out for my well-being, like a loving machine, and I wrote this song about her."
  • This track is included on Darwin Deez's self-titled album. Smith told CMU how he wrote for the record: "For most of the tracks on this album, I started with a topic or concept for the song, and then I established the rhythm guitar part and the lyrics and melody. More than once, I started with the first line of the first verse, and in those cases, the first line then determined the shape of the verse melody, and then I wrote a chorus to contrast it. I added all the other instrumentation during the recording process."
  • During an interview with The Sun, the comment was made that Darwin Deez's dancing in the video is a bit dorky. He responded: "I went a little crazy during the shoot so I had to ask the director to use the tamer stuff for fear of an excessively high dork factor."
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