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Walk Like A Man


The Four Seasons

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This was recorded under extraordinary circumstances - they recorded it in a burning building! According to guitarist Vinne Bell, their producer, Bob Crewe, locked the door to the studio (a standard practice on recording day), then after a while - and a couple of bad takes - the musicians smelled smoke and there was a pounding on the studio door. Crewe refused to unlock it, even though plaster was falling from the ceiling, because he wanted one more take to perfect the song. The musicians were afraid of electrocution as water leaked into the studio. The session ended when firemen axed open the studio door and knocked Crewe to the floor in the process.
This was the third US #1 hit for The Four Seasons. Like their previous 2, "Sherry" and "Big Girls Don't Cry," it featured Frankie Valli's high-pitched vocals. (thanks, Brad Wind - Miami, FL, for above 2)
Many baseball stadiums play this when their team draws a walk. The title has also been seen on aprons of Chinese chefs as "Wok Like A Man."
This was used as the title to a Howie Mandel movie about a man raised by wolves and returned to his family just as his scheming brother is about to get hold of the lost brother's inheritance. Somehow, this film was overlooked for an Academy Award. (thanks, Michelle - Beaufort, NC)
This was the first Hot 100 to feature a simile in its title. Others since have included Madonna's "Like A Virgin," the Bangles' "Walk Like An Egyptian" and more recently Maroon 5/Christina Aguilera's "Moves Like Jagger"and Adele's "Someone Like You."
The Four Seasons
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Comments (20):

On February 10th 1963, the records at #2 and #3 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart both had the word 'Walk' as the first word in the song's title...
At #2 was "Walk Right In" by the Rooftop Singers (it was in its 2nd week at #2)
And at #3 was "Walk Like A Man" by the Four Seasons (it was up from #6)...
The #1 record was "Hey! Paula" by Paul and Paula.
- Barry, Sauquoit, NY
This song jets me back to a very precious time in my life. I was very very young and my sister who passed away 13 years ago was a big 4 seasons fan. Everytime I hear the 4 Seasons songs of the early 60's it reminds me of her. Frankie Valli must take great pride in knowing that these compositions and recordings can bring back and hold such precious memories for people. This is truley the great gift and power of music.
- Michael De Patria, Paterson NJ, NJ
The movie "The Wanderers" has this song in the opening.
- Viktor, Vänersborg, Sweden
There used to be a member of a show I do that could sing and speak as high as Frankie Valli
- Darren, Warrington, England
Adding to what was said by Mark/Ohio and Muzza/Auckland: also think Neil Sedaka and Lou Christie. To everyone else, if you think THIS song sounds funny, take a listen to "Lightning Strikes Again" by Lou Christie.
- Fred, Laurel, MD
Finally, I found this great song. Since I watched the movie " heart and Soul ". Frfiends, I'm an avid fan of old musics... Can anyone sing what frankie do? hehehe a man sings like a woman...champ!!!
- byron balagtas, baguio, Philippines
This song is a classic,and researches through the roof on our Radio station auditorium tests(Focus groups). Falsetto was a hall mark of early rocknroll, Frankie Valli was not alone,think of Frankie Lymon.
- Muzza, Auckland, New Zealand
Also done with justice in the movie "Heart and Soul"
- Vinny, Hoboken, NJ
the best valli song nuff said
- joe, perth, Australia
The instrumentation, including the voices, are superb on this. They had one heck of a band, and Bob Crewe did everything perfectly. There's nothing the slightest bit effeminate in any of their productions.
- Mark, Lancaster, OH
Yeah people are way too harsh on Frankie Valley I mean the guy's like a legend and just cause he can sing way higher than most people he gets insulted. Also this was recorded in a burning
- Josh, Toronto
This song was written about break-ups. It is saying you have to walk like a man when a girl breaks your heart. Thus the lyric, "Walk like a man from you."
- Taylor, Red Lion, PA
The falsetto sound wasn't considered all that odd, probably because there was a fair amount of falsetto in men's ensemble singing in the 1950's and '60's. Think of all those a capella do-wop songs.
- Mark, Lancaster, OH
Comedian Gallagher quipped
"Frankie Valli sings 'Walk Like A Man, Talk Like A Man'... sings it like a woman!"
- Nick, tampa, FL
Yes it was in the movie Sleepers (btw AMAZING MOVIE!!!). You have to admit that the song is kinda funny, but nonetheless, still a good song.
- lynz, Ontario, Canada
I kinda wonder if the falsetto was meant to be ironic...probably not, but it's an interesting thought.
- Sam, North Vancouver, Canada
Why are you guys being so harsh about Frankie's falsetto? It seems to me you might be jealous, since not many people can sing as good as he can.
- Mary C., Chicago, IL
this song was in the movie sleepers too
- billy, chicago, MN
I remember the legendary Art Leboe' comment after playing that song on KRLA: "Walk like a man, sing like a girl?"
- Keith, SLC, UT
Long after this song left the charts, I acquired a roommate who couldn't resist shouting at this Frankie Valli falsetto recording, "SING like a man, dammit".
- Dave, Houston, TX
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