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Four in the Morning (I Can't Take Anymore)


Night Ranger

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This was written by Night Ranger lead singer Jack Blades, and like "25 Or 6 To 4" by Chicago, the title describes the time of day he wrote the song. Jack told us: "Literally, I wrote that song at 4 in the morning. I mean, I woke up, and I had an idea, (singing) 'I can't take anymore, I can't fake anymore, it's such a hard time loving you.' It woke me up, so I thought, well, that's kind of neat. And then I'm thinking, What am I gonna call this song? I really don't want to call it 'I Can't Take Anymore, I Can't Fake Anymore,' I didn't like that. And so when I was sitting there at 4 in the morning, I was thinking, (singing) 'Four in the morning came without a warning,' because it just woke me up, and there I was. And so I ended up with that as a verse."
Blades sings about being tormented by love in this song, but in real life he's romantically stable, it's just that song ideas are constantly popping into his head. Says Blades: "My wife always laughs at me. My wife who I've been married to for 32 years, so Mollie and I have been together since 1976 or something like that. She laughs about the fact that I always have a song in my head, whether it's a melody, whether it's a song of mine, whether it's a song 'California Dreamin'',' there's always music in my head. Which is kind of bizarre. There isn't a time when there's not one song floating around in my head, whether it be an old song, a new song, an idea or something. And she always thinks that's really, really funny, because it's hard for me just to be still. (laughs) Because there's chatter, there's music going on my head all the time." (Check out our interview with Jack Blades)
Night Ranger
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